The perfect little jacket

I think I have found the most perfect running jacket. Do you hear the sound of angels? No? Well, if you get this jacket, you just might.

It’s the Sugoi Hydrolite Jacket. It’s translucent & has a tacky, rubbery feel. It’s waterproof, yet breathable, light, wind resistant & has reflective material on both the front & back.

Yes, it’s expensive, but if it follows the $1 per wear rule*, and I think it will, then I feel that it’s worth it. And I did get it on sale – so that makes me happier.

Getting good gear is so important to exercise adherence. If you don’t have gear that fits well, then you don’t want to put it on, and you won’t exercise for as long as you’d like because it’s not comfortable. Plus, if you’re excited about your exercise clothing, you’re more likely to put it on & want to wear it, show it off & look cute. It’s motivation.

Silly? Maybe. But anything you can do to motivate yourself to move is good with me.

* Btw – the $1 per wear rule is an arbitrary rule that I came up with a long time ago to guage whether clothes were worth what I paid for them (this does not apply to either formal-wear, suits and a few ‘special items’). My theory is that if I pay, let’s say $70 on a pair of jeans, I should wear those jeans 70 times. This is one of the ways I judge whether a sale price is worth it. Maybe it’s too practical and Stacy & Clinton would roll their eyes at me right now, but tough for them. blah.

** Maybe I’m not so crazy. I just found this other blog article on cost per wear.