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If you’ve ever gotten overwhelmed with all the health advice, and just want to get back to basics, you need this free guide and checklist: 8 Basic Things that Healthy People Do. In this guide, I’ve boiled down all of the health advice to 8 simple, easy to do habits. If you do these habits, you will be certain you’re getting healthier by the day!

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Elizabeth Sherman is a dream health coach. When working together, she considered my entire life, not just weight or fitness, in helping me establish goals. She worked collaboratively with me to set realistic expectations of the coaching process as well as what I could expect for results. I never felt like I was part of a cookie-cutter program, but rather focusing inward on my own potential, weaknesses and habits. Throughout the journey, Elizabeth served as cheerleader, motivator, mentor and much more. I highly recommend Elizabeth‘s services.


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Coaching is a misunderstood approach, but it’s way more effective than traditional personal training or following fad diets.

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