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Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth2 days ago
I don’t have a scale.

Not a food scale, not a body weight scale.

You don’t need one either

I manage my weight (and this is what I teach my clients) by paying attention to how my body feels and learning which foods make me feel good, and which ones …. don’t.

Do I eat foods that I enjoy, but don’t return the love? Yes, but not in the quantities that I used to eat them.

I love pancakes, pizza, desserts, and wine. I still consume them - just not as much.

What I’ve discovered is that as I’ve gotten older, my body responds to foods differently.

And so if I wanted to feel good, I needed to learn how to pivot.

But there are a few things to know
1) I don’t have drama or negative self-talk when I do eat foods that are traditionally viewed as ‘un-healthy’ (I know what you’re thinking: ‘but Elizabeth, you shouldn’t because of how you look.’ NO!! That’s a bunch of BS that your brain is coming up with!! That somehow you’re not worthy because of your weight. BS.)
2) I generally don’t over indulge because I know the physical consequences of not feeling good.

Imagine life where you could eat cupcakes without the heaping serving of self-doubt; drink wine without the side of negative self-talk; and french fries without the mental appetizer of ‘you shouldn’t’

It’s possible & it’s just one of the goals of the Feel Good Sisterhood.

Enrollment ends tonight & we have a few spots left (not a lot, but a few)

Join us! Follow the link to learn more & schedule your call.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth3 days ago
Doors to the Feel Good Sisterhood are CLOSING tonight!

We have a truly amazing group of women ready to start on Monday who are going to close out 2021 doing something epic: creating a better relationship with themselves, food, exercise, so that they never have to go on a diet EVER again!

Want in?

Its not too late to submit your application & schedule your call with me.

Give yourself this gift.

Visit to submit your application now.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth4 days ago
I used to struggle with belonging - or rather, not feeling like I belonged - and have only recently gotten over that with the help of my coach.

And so of course, whenever I join a new group, I worry that I won’t belong.

There’s a difference though between fitting in and belonging.

I see fitting in as abandoning your true self - what you want and what feels right - in favor of being accepted and not rejected from the pack (a very human need: acceptance).

And I think that there’s a delicate balance between being accepted and belonging.

Being accepted means that others find me okay.

But belonging runs deeper. Belonging signals to me that we’re connected. That you get me & I get you. That I can feel safe around you and let my guard down. I can be vulnerable.

We need to feel safe before we can feel belonging.

For much of my life, I had the story running in my head that I didn’t belong.

But let me let you in on a secret: It’s only when I focused on how I was different, than everyone else, that I felt like I didn’t belong. Once I saw how much alike we all are, THEN I was able to establish connection, AND feel like I belonged in the group.

It wasn’t that long ago that I realized that we choose to belong when we choose to be connected.

And the truth is, that when it comes to weight loss, those things that we went through are universal stories - and those experiences we had with being put on a diet as a young woman, or going to Weight Watchers, or other kids' comments in school are so relatable.

It’s either happened to us, or we’ve witnessed it happening to someone who didn’t deserve it (no one does!).

When we feel safe enough to tell our stories, others relate to our stories, and then we build connection. Because we are not alone in our experiences. It’s just beautiful how it all comes together.

And so, I want to invite you to join us in the Feel Good Sisterhood..

If you have questions, you can send me a message, or I have a super cool widget on the sales page that if you ask me a question, it will allow me to create a video response back!

Visit the sales page here:
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth4 days ago
The Feel Good Sisterhood just got a bit better!

Heather Porter Sulzer is joining my support team for the group as an assistant coach!

See, Heather is a former client of mine & an expert baker who knows the struggles that women in mid-life face.

When we first started working together, she felt resigned & said, “I feel like I need to make the choice: either bake or be skinny.” But through coaching, she realized that it didn’t have to be an either/or situation. She could have both!

Here’s what she said about coaching with me:

“You helped me find the difference between baking and eating which seems so simple but it was always one in the same for me. And no one else had ever helped me through that. You taught me to start recognizing hunger signals and paying attention to my body. I think the biggest tool you taught me was AWARENESS.

“I’ve always known the importance of awareness and being intentional and thoughtful about what I was eating, but somehow you made that skill come to life. I learned so many things from you in such a short amount of time and I will forever be grateful for the changes I have made in myself with you as my wingman.

“You didn’t make these changes for me but you taught me that I had the power to make them for myself. I feel so different now and it is so hard to put into words how or why that is. Mostly I feel the changes came from awareness, journaling, and the confidence I felt from you that I COULD change.”

And why it’s so incredible to invite Heather to the team is that she’s gone on to complete many of the same and similar certifications that I’ve gone through!

I could not be more thrilled to have her on board to support the amazing women who are part of the Feel Good Sisterhood. She is definitely a bonus-coach!

You can follow Heather on Instagram at Almost.Fit.Foodie.

And if you want to learn more about the Feel Good Sisterhood, do that here:

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