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Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth21 hours ago
You don’t need a lot of equipment or space to get a good work out at home. But you know what you DO need?


Because it’s too easy to say, “Awww. I don’t want to do it now. I’ll do it later.” Because there aren’t any open/close hours on your house, and the equipment is always there.

It’s easy to blow it off.

I know because when we lived in the states, I had one room in our house dedicated to some really fancy & expensive equipment & I didn’t use it for years.

When we go to the gym, because it takes more time, we plan it. We put in into our calendar & we make it happen. The same thing needs to happen with exercising at home.

Figure out when you’re going to do it, how long, and put it as an appointment with yourself on your calendar.

Now. Here’s the the thing: You’re not going to want to exercise then. But you’re going to do it anyway because it’s on your calendar.

I never feel like doing it either. But I’m always glad that I did.

That’s how you build discipline.

Discipline is a practice. It’s something that we choose to do on a daily basis.

Its not a character trait, or a way that we inherently ARE. It’s the ability to choose what we want most over what we want in the moment. And it’s something that you can learn.

And practice.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth3 days ago
As a life & weight loss coach, I help folks in the areas of eating, exercise, sleep & stress management, & body image.

I share lots of tips & techniques on what we can do to stay healthy, whether your goal is to get stronger, be able to go on a hike without getting winded, feel great in your clothes, or just stop feeling obsessed with peppermint bark.

But what about stress?

For years, I questioned the traditional advice that falls under the topic of stress management, & I felt uncomfortable parroting these techniques because it all seemed so … band-aid approach.

Google "how to manage your stress" & you'll hear all about meditation, exercise, sleep, manicures & massages.

Stress management has always felt like a ‘yeah - yeah. When I get to it...’ when it comes to our health.

But managing our stress is THE ONE THING that will make or break our health.

See, we know that stress doesn't have any calories or nutrients, & that it's something that's made up in our mind - but it has a very real effect on our body.

And we know that stress is how we perceive our circumstances because 2 people can experience the same exact event & have very different responses.

But it’s how we manage our problems (our stress) that directly influences how we take care of ourselves, and our health.

🔹Feel overwhelmed at work? Your brain immediately thinks, “I can’t possibly cook dinner. Let’s order in.”
🔹Feel stressed because your family is especially needy right now? We run to food or drink to soften the edges.

But what if you could manage the things that feel overwhelming?
What if your family needing you didn’t cut into your self-care?
What if your boss could still be demanding & it wouldn’t send you off looking for a drink after a long week?

Because its not the food that's the problem. And you don’t need more rules or guidelines.

Its the other areas of your life that influence how you take care of yourself that's the problem

So, instead of stress management being something that we treat after the fact, what would it look like if we could manage our stress before it even happened?

It’s possible. I can show you how.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth5 days ago
We’re in full holiday mode.

As Thanksgiving started approaching, I started having conversations with my clients about their eating habits over the holidays.

Many were worried that they’d lose control & just start eating everything in sight.

In episode 98 of the Done with Dieting Podcast, I’m sharing with you the advice and techniques that I shared with them.

Enjoy the holidays without feeling like you need a reset, a cleanse, or that you need to go on a diet in January.

Listen wherever you listen to podcasts.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth1 week ago
Do you neglect doing cardio, but understand that you should be doing it for your heart health?

This is one of the techniques that I use to increase my heart rate without actively DOING cardio:

I work multiple muscle groups at the SAME time!

Exercise chains can be simple with 2 exercises, or can be as complex as you’d like.

If you’re new to strength training, make sure that you have your form down properly for each of the movements so that you don’t hurt yourself. The more complex the chain of exercises, the more risk there is to move wonky & pull something.

But I love doing a chain of exercises because it works multiple muscle groups, and in doing so, your heart has to work harder in order to pump blood to each of the muscles worked. 👍

Here I’m doing a pull-over (back), sit-up (abs), stand-up (legs), shoulder press (shoulders), and squat (legs).

Use a weight that’s challenging, but light enough so that you can do all the exercises safely.

Have you done this technique before? What are some exercise chains that you enjoy?
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth1 week ago
Instead of thinking that you need another diet or workout program to be successful, what if you believed that you are fully resourced?

Because you probably are.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth1 week ago
Happy Thanksgiving! 🍁🦃🍽

This year I’ve been focusing a lot on gratitude & I have SO MUCH to be thankful for.

Primarily, that I have the privilege of being able to help women (and through the ripple effect) and their families have better health is a huge honor.

I’m deeply grateful to my coaches, clients, & everyone whom I’ve met, given to & received love from.

And im grateful to YOU.

Life & love is abundant. Have an amazing day & love yourself in the process. 💕

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