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Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth7 hours ago
Are you a coffee drinker?

🙋‍♀️ I am!

I love it - and it’s not even the caffeine I’m after. I really love the coffee flavor.

And I’ve gone through a few different phases with it - I used to do the coffeemate creamer, just cream & sugar, skim milk, and 2% with flavored sugar-free syrup - until I finally weaned myself off the sweetener. Although I can drink it black, I prefer a splash of whole milk - and that’s how I drink it today.

Are you a coffee drinker? How do you like yours?
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth1 day ago
There was a time when I didn’t think that I could eat just one cookie.

That eating one cookie was something that other people did - and I had NO IDEA how that was possible.

Like seriously. How was that at all possible?

Did they just not LIKE cookies?

Was their body different in that it didn’t CRAVE cookies?

What I didn’t know was that their brain was different. And the reason that their brain responded to cookies differently was because their hormones were different.

They were balanced.

🔹Their hormones weren’t sending out signals to the brain that it needed to eat all of the cookies once they had eaten one.
🔹Their hormones weren’t all over the place creating energy dips that the brain knows to solve by eating easiest/fastest form of energy (aka: sugar)
🔹Their hormones weren’t mis-firing so that they didn’t know when they were satisfied.
🔹Their hormones weren’t constantly telling them that they were hungry.

Mine were.

Once I was able to get my hormones under control, food didn’t occupy my thoughts anymore.

I wasn’t constantly looking for my next sugar fix.

I was able to eat just one cookie.

And put the bag away.

Want to learn how to eat just one cookie?
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth2 days ago
The health & fitness industry is broken. Go to a personal trainer & they’ll tell you to workout harder and longer. The general weight loss advice is to Eat Less & Move More.

And quite honestly, that's the problem.

If you've done all the things (diets, workouts, supplements, etc.) and have been following all these strategies, that's exactly the problem.

The missing piece - The thing that you need to learn - is how to work with is your body. How to listen to your inner authority that you possess, and tune into the subtle cues that your body sends you so that you don’t feel restricted and deprived so that you don't have crazy cravings, feel lethargic, sleep through the night, and wake up feeling rested.

But the other piece is that if you do go off plan, how to get back on plan as soon as freaking possible so that a mistake doesn’t turn into a week or a month.

And I get that it's hard to do because this isn't what we're taught in the mainstream.

The mainstream just tells us we need to restrict our calories, or we need to be on keto, or we need to cut out meat, or we just need to exercise all the time.

And that's why you've been feeling so depleted from all of your efforts, because no matter how hard you try these things, aren't working with your lifestyle and your body.

And without understanding how to decipher your body's signals and pay attention to them, none of these things are gonna work.

Want a better method? I can help you.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth3 days ago
It’s far too often that when I give my clients advice, that I can apply it to an area in my life that I’m struggling too.


The other day it was the concept that ‘it’s not always going to be this hard.’ That whatever we’re dealing with, if we keep it up, and keep practicing, that it inevitably will get easier.

It has to.

Or if what’s causing us pain is a certain situation, knowing that at some point in the future, things will change & we won’t feel so overwhelmed, confused, (whatever you’re feeling).

This too shall pass.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth4 days ago
Most of us have gone to our doctors and asked our doctors for help, but doctors seem to just brush off our symptoms, believing that what we're doing is we're making it up or that the symptoms that we're talking about aren't as bad as we say they are.

And then they say that it's just part of the process.

That we just need to put up with it, that, that we need to lose weight, right.

That, oh, if you just lose weight, then these other symptoms will go away.

Maybe you've gone to your doctor with complaints about anxiety asking them for help with hot flashes and night sweats, and they just want to put you on medication

Or perhaps you've been told that, oh, this is just a normal part of aging or this is what happens when women hit midlife.

And so that's why I'm really excited to share everything I know about hormonal fluctuations and going through menopause. Being in the industry for about 17 years, because I felt like there really isn't enough support for women our age.

I'm gonna share with you the things that doctors aren't telling you - that doctors don't know - because they don't get enough training in nutrition and in women's bodies, in medical school.

And these are things that general population fitness and nutrition folks don't know either.

If you follow along with me, I'm going to show you that it's not all in your head, and that although it's common to hit per menopause and start getting these symptoms, it's not something that we just have to put up with.

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Elizabeth Sherman
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth4 days ago
If you've been following me for any amount of time, you know that as a health & weight loss coach, I help folks in the areas of eating, exercise, sleep & stress management.

I help my clients create meal plans, & exercise routines that work for them, & we create bedtime routines that help them get restful sleep.

But what about stress management?

For years, I've questioned the traditional advice that falls under the topic of stress management, & I've felt uncomfortable parroting these techniques to my clients & you because it all seemed so … prophylactic.

Google "how to manage your stress" & you'll hear all about meditation, exercise, sleep, manicures & massages.

Stress management has always felt like a ‘yeah - yeah. When I get to it...’ when it comes to our health.

But managing our stress is THE ONE THING that will make or break our health.

See, we know that stress doesn't have any calories or nutrients, & that it's something that's made up in our mind - but it has a very real effect on our body.

We know that stress is how we perceive our circumstances because 2 people can experience the same exact event & have very different responses.

But it’s how we manage our problems (our stress) that directly influences how we take care of ourselves, & our health.

🔹Feel overwhelmed at work? Your brain immediately thinks, “I can’t possibly cook dinner. Let’s order in.”
🔹Feel stressed because your family is especially needy right now? We run to food or drink to soften the edges.

Because it's not the food or drink that's the problem. It's how you perceive your problems in the other areas of your life that influence how you take care of yourself that's the problem (ie: consuming in response to those problems)

So, instead of stress management being something that we treat after the fact, what would it look like if we could manage our stress before it even happened?

It’s possible. I can show you how.

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