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Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth5 hours ago
I was talking to someone who wanted to hire me the other day & he was ‘quizzing’ me about what I thought about certain things:
- did I think that drinking out of plastic bottles was bad?
- did I only recommend that my clients buy ONLY organic fruits & vegetables?
- what were my thoughts on the Keto diet?

It was because he’d had a coach/trainer before who had insisted that her clients do all of these things.


It's crazy.

If someone wants to do all of those things, great - all the more power to them. But it’s not necessary to be healthy or to lose weight.

AND it creates an all or nothing mindset.

If I’m afraid to drink water out of plastic, what’s going to happen when the only water that’s available to me is out of a bottle?

I’m either NOT going to drink water (which is always the better choice), or I’m going to drink something else that comes in a bottle. 🍷 😝

The point is that health is a continuum, and it’s easy to get stuck on the extremes.
I meet my clients where they’re at in their journey, and we create a map of how to get to easy sustainable habits that work for your life.

Maybe it includes organic fruits & vegetables - maybe it doesn’t.

My client, Michelle, said the other day that I make things simple.

It's true. Because we have a tendency to over-complicate things and go to the extreme.

I'm a huge fan of distilling things down to the bare minimum. And then doing that.

If you want to see what your future could look like without having to abide by strict rules in order to be healthy & the weight you desire, I can help. I offer free consult calls. where we can figure out what that looks like for you. Sign up for your call here:
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth1 day ago
I can’t motivate you to want to take care of yourself.

I CAN help you to identify what it is that you’re so deeply passionate about in your life that is worth it to get over the discomfort of change in order to do what you know that you need to do to take care of yourself.

Do the things that you know that you should be doing:
- moving your body
- eating foods that make you feel good
- getting enough sleep
- managing your stress properly instead of with food, booze, or shopping
- managing the negative commentary that is on loop in your brain

Because those things take some work & attention.

Sometimes it can seem like a huge daunting task.

But you are sooooooo worth the effort. 💕
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth2 days ago
There comes a point - whenever we decide that we're going to change our habits, we're halfway through to the goal & we want to give up.

It's tough...
We're not seeing the payoff...
Things felt 'easier' before...
Things feel hard now...

... and it feels like they'll never get better.

This is what we call the river of misery. We're in between two points: the way things were, and the way we want things to be.

In episode 70 of the Done with Dieting Podcast, I'm giving you strategies that you can use - how to prepare for and embark on your journey knowing that you'll be in the river of misery at some point, and what to do when you're there so that you can move through it more easily.

Listen to episode 70: The River of Misery wherever you listen to podcasts.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth3 days ago
These are a few of my friends (and my husband)

When I think about Manny, I think about his sense of humor & how he loves to play little pranks.

Astrid has my back & a fierce loyalty to all those she loves.

Gary is probably the most generous and smart person I know.

I love them all. 💕

When I think about my friends, I don’t think about their bodies.

What they eat doesn’t make them a better or worse friend in my eyes.

And I hope that when they think about me, why they have chosen to be friends with me, has nothing to do with my appearance.

‘Oh, I just love Elizabeth. She’s so fit!’ ~ says no one. EVER.

Yet, we spend so much time & energy thinking about our bodies, berating ourselves for eating a cookie, drinking too much, or for gaining a few lbs.

You are so much more than the number on the scale.

If you know that, but you don’t truly FEEL that, I can help.

I work with my clients privately, on a 1:1 basis, as well as in a small group setting. I can help you figure out which format is best for you.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth5 days ago
My workouts are very different today than they were before I lived in Mexico.

Part of that is I think environment - where I live, beautiful spa-like fitness centers like 24 Hour Fitness or Lifetime Fitness aren’t a thing here. Air conditioning in a gym isn’t a thing here.

I did it for a while, but then I had an unrelated injury that kept me from exercising for a while, and then when I started back exercising, I started with my home workouts & love them so much that I just never went back.

Today I exercise for 20 minutes a day.

That’s it.

One of my clients recently commented that I’ve made exercise simple.

That it no longer is this big thing that she has to psyche herself up for & wrap her head around.

And she’s right.

Exercise doesn’t have to be complicated to be effective.

It can be super simple.

I think that many pros overcomplicate it so that you stay confused & dependent.

Want some super simple, easy to do workouts that are effective & don’t take up a lot of time? You can get them here:
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth6 days ago
Can we talk about mental fitness?

We talk a lot about physics fitness, but what does it mean to be mentally or emotionally fit?

When we become physically fit, we perform repetitions of physical exercises, where we build up the strength of our physical muscles.

When we talk about mental fitness, we talk about the mental work where we build up the strength of our mental muscles.

In other words, doing what we want MOST over what we want in the MOMENT.

How would it feel to make a commitment to yourself & then follow through with it?

The thing is that many of us start out with weights that are too heavy for us.

Just like a personal trainer would never start their client out squatting 225 lbs, we don’t want to commit to setting and following through with goals that are too rigorous us mentally.

We need to lean into it.

We need to strengthen our commitment muscles, our follow through muscles, our discipline muscles, and the muscle of thinking and believing in the future version of ourselves.

And we want to weaken our self-sabotage muscles. Right?

When we strengthen our mental fitness, it leads to less mental drama because we’re following through on doing the things that are really important to us.

I teach both my private and small group clients how to pay attention to their brain, and build their mental fitness skills so that you can stop doing the things that you ask, “Why did I do that?!?”

Want to stop doing the things that leave you wondering why you didn’t follow through or sabotaged yourself? And more importantly, quieting your inner critic?

I can help. I can teach you how.

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