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The Sugar-Cravings Reset

A Five Day Sugar Reset designed to help you get control over your sweet tooth and learn how to have the treats you love in your life without any of the crazy side effects.

Starts April 17th, 2023

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Get Your Sugar Cravings Under Control

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No one likes it when we feel like we're jumping out of our skin because all we can think about is SUGAR!  But eating sugar can feel like a slippery slope.

We don't want to deny ourselves indulging in the occasional sweet treat, but sometimes it feels like we can unknowingly get sucked in to the sweet seduction of the chocolate lava cake - and it's all over from there.

We can't stop ourselves!

Ever Vow That today it'll be different?

You try to get your cravings under control. You say that today, I won't have that treat at 3 pm. "Today, I won't spoil my dinner."

But then as the time nears, you feel yourself weakening as you tell yourself, "One won't hurt." and you pop a chocolate covered almond into your mouth.

...and then you do it a few more times ...until you've lost count...

Feeling terrible, and full of regret, you wonder why you can't get ahold of your cravings!!

For $30 the Sugar-Cravings Reset will help you to reduce your sugar cravings so that you can enjoy eating the sweets around you without feeling like they're controlling you.

Reset your cravings so that you can feel in control around tempting treats once again!

Is the Sugar-Cravings Reset Right for You?

The Sugar-Cravings Reset is a 5 day Challenge for women who want to reel in their sugar cravings, stop feeling out of control around sweets, and get your sugar intake under control for good.

With your $30 Investment, you'll :
Day 1:

Set your surroundings up for success without throwing away the treats your family enjoys.

Day 2: 

The secret to breaking free from your 3 pm chocolate habit: It's not putting a lock on your pantry!

Day 3: 

The two skills you need to build and practice in order to control your cravings for good.

Day 4: 

The greatest obstacle to lasting success and how to overcome it.

Day 5: 

The one shift that's more powerful than being disciplined.

What Clients Say

Loved the sugar cravings reset! I actually lost a couple of pounds and have re-set my coffee sweetness preference. Although I still put some sugar in it, it's not much. 

Sandy K  

Elizabeth provides a lot of information, makes it easily understandable, not overwhelming and teaches how to make it personally relatable. The concept that she taught that was most impactful for me were the "negative thoughts" I have about myself after eating sugar/or really it's more the negative thoughts I have about myself for "wanting to eat" or "desiring" sugar. These were messages I received as a child.

Dianne M  

The biggest shift I had was in reminding myself that the chocolate or sweet gives me a dopamine boost which I like, and that its my thinking about the chocolate that creates my craving for it.

Donna M  

Hi, I'm Elizabeth!

I struggled for years to get off the sugar struggle-bus.

Every day I would promise myself that I wouldn't get into the chocolate, but sure enough come 3 pm, I'd find myself in front of the pantry, unable to control myself from getting into the treats!

I wondered if there was something wrong with me.

Since then, I've studied (and teach my clients) about the body's physiological responses. Now that I know that desiring and eating sugar isn't a moral failing, but rather a normal physiological response, I have a totally different relationship with sweets - however, that doesn't mean that I don't occasionally find myself with cravings too!

When my cravings start to come on too strong, that's when I know that I need a reset.

In the Sugar-Cravings Reset, I'll teach you the exact techniques I use myself, and the methods I teach my clients.

Elizabeth Sherman

Life & Health Coach for Women in Midlife

Podcast Host - The Total Health in Midlife Podcast

How It Works

During the Sugar-Cravings Reset, you'll learn how to reduce your cravings, and what steps you can take to prevent and manage your sugar cravings going forward.

The Details:

When & Where is the Sugar-Cravings Reset held?

Monday April 11th through Friday April 21st 4pm CT/2 pm PT, in the comfort of your own home (or wherever you want to attend).

This is a virtual workshop but it for sure won't be boring! I bring the sugar and spice and keep you engaged the whole time.

Can't attend that live? Your workshop registration includes access to videos of the entire event! You can watch the workshop when it's convenient for you. 

What if I can't come that day or attend the entire 5 days live?

If you can’t attend you can still register - You’ll get each day's recordings within a few hours after the live session and you can watch them anytime. I do encourage you to attend live if possible.

how much is the challenge?

This workshop is only $30. You'll get to keep the materials and video replays for LIFE. This is the first chance for the public to work with me in 2023, get a jump on your goals for a healthier year and the lowest investment available to work with me as your coach - Ever!

what kind of technology do i need to attend the challenge

We will use a pop up Facebook group and the Zoom app. You can download Zoom for free here. Or the live sessions will be streamed into our private Facebook group! No one will be able to see or hear you during the workshop so wear your jammies if you wish!

Can I join late?

Of course it's better to have the support of the group, but yes! Absolutely! You can join the challenge up until January 12th & you'll receive all of the challenge materials.

I have another question about the workshop

Email us your question at hello@elizabethsherman.com.


Get a hold of your sugar cravings & feel better in just a few short days!!