Never Go On a Diet Ever Again. I can Help.

During our Consult I will help you:

  • Listen and clarify your goals
  • Identify exactly why you haven't made progress
  • Understand your motivation and desired result
  • Develop a Plan to get you your results
  • Answer all your Questions
  • Explain what Coaching with me is all about

The Journey Starts
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Five minutes into knowing Elizabeth, you will like her and fully respect all she does for people as she helps them with their own personal demons towards food and self-image. She is always kind, yet insightful and perceptive; it must be because she knows from first-hand experience what it means to struggle. Elizabeth never judges you, never chastises you for veering from your goals, because she knows we are ALL human. She will gently probe you to reset and even re-evaluate your goals based upon your actions. And above all: she is deeply knowledgeable about her field and is fantastic at dispelling rumors that surround the diet industry. I put my trust in her as she champions me during all of our coaching sessions. There are numerous health coaches out there, but Elizabeth is extra-special and can help people who are willing to work towards bettering themselves. Plus her self-created workouts are fabulous!!

Ryan Lanier 

Elizabeth has been an excellent coach. Her approach is very forward looking and her focus is on long term and sustainable lifestyle changes. Our bi-weekly sessions keep me on track, accountable and informed. So much of what we know about “healthy” life choices is inaccurate and Elizabeth has really helped me figure out what works for me. The resources and insights she provides have been invaluable.

Michelle Dipple

In case we haven't met yet . . .

My name is Elizabeth Sherman, and I'm a Certified Life & Weight Loss coach. I help women in mid-life improve their relationships with food, exercise, their bodies, and themselves.

Although weight loss isn't the only goal, when we focus on our health, committing to those behaviors that we know are good for us, our bodies will naturally right-size.

Over the past 15 years that I've been a coach, I've helped hundreds of women reach their goal weight, feel great, ditch the scale, food logs, measuring and weighing their food, and eating to someone else's rules.

Learn how to turn in to your inner wisdom self-accountability to design a diet and exercise routine that is perfect for you.

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