Sisterhood Retreat 2024 • Total Health by Elizabeth

Unlock the Unspoken Power Within You

Ready for Change? Embark on a Journey of Self-Love, Mindfulness, and Lasting Transformation

Build a peaceful Relationship with

your body, food, and yourself

You've spent years juggling work, family, and the demands of everyday life. Somewhere along the way, you lost a part of yourself. Maybe you glance in the mirror and hardly recognize the woman staring back at you.

You’re well-educated, financially stable, but when it comes to your own well-being, you're often at the bottom of your own priority list. It's not that you don’t value health; it’s that you're struggling to prioritize it amidst a sea of responsibilities and expectations.

You yearn for a peaceful relationship with your body, and yet, food feels like an ongoing battle you can't win.

And that inner mean girl? She's louder than ever, reminding you of every supposed flaw and failed attempt at 'healthy living.'

You want to feel energized, confident, and self-assured, but all those desires take a backseat because, well, life happens. You're pulled in different directions—between your kids, your aging parents, your work—and you wonder, 'When is it my turn? When do I get to focus on ME?'

Your Opportunity is Now. 

If you're nodding along, thinking, "Yes, this is me," then it's time for a radical shift. You don’t have to navigate this journey alone, and you certainly don’t have to figure it all out by yourself.

What if I told you there's a way to hit the 'pause' button on life, even if it's just for a week, to truly focus on YOU?

Imagine a setting where you're surrounded by like-minded women, all on their own quests for self-discovery and healing, guided by workshops designed to bring out the best in you.

Sounds like a dream? Well, it doesn't have to be.

Welcome to a transformative experience set in the beautiful environment of Puerto Morelos, Mexico. Nestled between the vibrant life of Cancun and the charm of Playa del Carmen, this is your sanctuary for self-discovery.

We’ll spend our days in my welcoming home, your safe space for our in-depth workshops on understanding yourself & why we do certain things, intuitive eating, and much more.

Picture this: mornings that begin with the sun kissing your face as you step onto the sandy beach for a refreshing walk or yoga session. Days filled with soulful discussions and insights, and evenings to reflect under the enchanting new moon.

With optional activities like snorkeling in the world's second-largest reef, you'll find the perfect blend of 'you' time and community bonding. 

And to make it even sweeter? An integration day full of traditional mayan experiences that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and treasured.

This isn't just another trip; it's an investment in yourself, a leap toward a life where your relationship with your body, your food, and your very essence is not just peaceful, but joyful.

Your Week of Renewal: What's On The Agenda

If you're ready to take the next step on your journey to self-acceptance, our transformative week offers a carefully curated lineup of activities designed to nourish your body, mind, and soul. Here's what you'll experience:

  • Workshops: Our core focus, these workshops guide you in becoming friends with your inner critic. You’ll learn how to turn self-judgment into self-love, altering your relationship with yourself, your body, and food for the better.
  • Yoga on the Beach: Start your day by connecting with the elements as you practice sun salutations on the beach, setting your intentions for the day ahead.
  • New Moon Ritual: Embrace the power of new beginnings as we set our intentions for the next lunar cycle.
  • Strength Training: Step out of your comfort zone with energizing workouts that’ll leave you feeling strong and empowered.
  • Optional Snorkeling: Witness the underwater beauty of the world's second-largest reef and perhaps find metaphors for your own journey to inner peace.
  • Women's Circle: A meaningful Mayan ceremony designed for women to reconnect with their inner strength. Discover your authentic self through a heart-centered experience."
  • Walks on the Beach: Use this free time to either meditate or have heartfelt conversations with fellow participants as you stroll along the ocean's edge.
  • Nutritious Meals: Most of your meals are included, designed to nourish your body and give you the energy you need for deep soul work.
  • Transportation: Once you arrive in Cancun (CUN), we've got you covered. All transportation within the retreat schedule is included.
  • Stay for a Week, Transform in 6 Days: Your investment covers a seven-night stay in comfortable, nearby condos just a short walk from the beach. (Retreat activities April 7 - 12, 2024)

* Detailed agenda to come


"I learned that it is OK for me to voice my opinion and stand by it. I can love and serve people within the boundaries of self-love and allow them to take responsibility for their own ‘lane’. People-pleasing is exhausting and hurts not only me but keeps others from owning their own shit."

What's Possible in a Week?

It's not just about what you'll do during this transformative week, but who you'll become. We're diving deep into the heart of what's been holding you back so you can break free. And you won't be going it alone. Surrounded by women on a similar journey, you'll find that collective energy that can turn intentions into reality. So what does this transformation look like?

  • Authentic Self-Expression: You'll walk away knowing that it's not just okay, but essential to voice your opinions and stand your ground. Say goodbye to people-pleasing and hello to a life where your needs are not just a footnote but a headline.
  • Reclaim Your Authority Over Health: Gain the tools to set meaningful boundaries for your well-being. From knowing what foods serve you to crafting a future self-statement, you'll get clarity on what health means for you, personally.
  • Peaceful Relationship with Food and Body: Shift from cycles of dieting, overeating, and remorse to a balanced approach centered on intuitive eating and body acceptance. Life-Changing Mindset Shifts: As one of our past participants put it so perfectly, the key takeaway is "Eff-it! I only have one life." Learn how to ditch societal pressures and expectations, opting instead for a life that's authentically yours.
  • Community and Connection: This isn't a one-and-done event; you'll be joining a community of women who are all on their own quests for self-discovery and fulfillment. Imagine having a network of individuals who 'get you,' offering support and understanding long after the retreat is over.

This retreat is more than a week in a beautiful location; it's a catalyst for the change you've been yearning for. Are you ready to take the next step in your journey to self-love and acceptance?


"The discussions helped me appreciate and celebrate the unique that is me. The entire week has me feeling so much better about being me."


About Elizabeth

Meet Elizabeth, your guide for this transformative journey. As a Master Certified Life & Health Coach specializing in empowering women in midlife, Elizabeth knows the struggles you face.

Between juggling family time and personal well-being, finding a moment for yourself can be tough. That's why she's bringing you this unique retreat experience.

With over 17 years of coaching experience and her popular podcast, 'Total Health in Midlife,' Elizabeth has helped countless women break free from cycles of dieting, overeating, and guilt. Now, she's inviting you to Puerto Morelos, Mexico, for a week of soulful exploration and rejuvenation.

Think of it as 'me-time' with a purpose. With Elizabeth, you're not just attending a retreat; you're joining a sisterhood committed to emotional growth, body acceptance, and lasting health.

Master Certified Life & Health Coach

Investment in You:

Okay, let's talk numbers because, let's face it, it's part of the process. The investment for this life-altering week is $4500. That's not pocket change, but let's break down what it covers:

  1. 7 Nights Accommodation: From April 7 - 14, 2024, you'll stay in a comfy condo just steps from the breathtaking Puerto Morelos Beach.
  2. Workshops and Activities: All the events we've talked about? Included. Yoga, strength training, new moon rituals, women's circle, and mayan rituals are all part of the package.
  3. Most Meals: We've got you covered for breakfast and lunch. You'll be on your own for half the dinners, giving you the freedom to explore local cuisine or simply enjoy some solitude.
  4. Transportation: Yep, we're making it as easy as possible for you. Once you're in Puerto Morelos, transportation is on us.

To reserve your spot, a $1000 non-refundable deposit is required before January 31, 2024 to lock in the $4500 rate. Wait until February, and the investment increases to $5000.

This is a significant investment, not just financially but emotionally and spiritually. But ask yourself, what's the cost of not making a change? Of not taking the time to explore the depths of who you are and what you're capable of? Is the life you're currently living fulfilling you in the way you desire? If the answer's no, then maybe this is the nudge you need.

Where You'll Stay

Villas PlayaSol

The Property

The property where you'll be staying is a serene oasis with direct access to the beach, making it easy for you to take morning walks along the shore or enjoy a quiet moment watching the sunset. If you prefer fresh water, we've got you covered with a peaceful pool area where you can take a dip or simply lounge with a book. While the setting is tranquil, you're never far from the action. Just two blocks away, downtown Puerto Morelos offers shops, dining, and anything else you might need during your stay. Best of all, you'll be sharing this experience with other like-minded women as all retreat participants will be staying in the same building. It's the perfect setting to foster community and connection while enjoying your own slice of paradise.

Villas PlayaSol

The Units

You'll enjoy the comfort and privacy of your very own condo during the retreat. Each unit is fully equipped to meet all your needs, featuring a kitchen where you can whip up your favorite meals or snacks whenever you'd like. With two bedrooms, you'll have plenty of space to relax, unwind, and even spread out your yoga mat for some morning stretches if you wish. The 1.5 baths mean you won't have to rush through your self-care rituals. It's more than just a place to stay; it's your home away from home where you can fully engage in self-reflection and rejuvenation.

You have questions?

I have answers.

Will I have any free time?

Absolutely. While we have a jam-packed schedule of workshops and activities, we also value downtime. It's during these quiet moments that you'll get to reflect on what you've learned and really let it sink in.

I've never done yoga or strength training. Will this be too advanced for me?

Nope! Our physical activities are designed for all levels. Whether you're a beginner or a seasoned pro, you'll find value in these sessions. Plus, they're optional. Your comfort is our priority.

What's not included in the price?

Most dinners aren't included, which gives you the flexibility to explore the local area and cuisine. Any additional excursions or activities you choose to do outside of the planned schedule will also be extra.

How is transportation handled?

Once you're in Cancun, we take care of all your local transportation needs. That means rides to and from the airport, as well as to any group activities that aren't within walking distance.

What happens if I need to cancel?

The $1000 deposit is non-refundable, due by January 31, 2024. After that date, we can't offer refunds. Life happens, we get it, but we strongly recommend travel insurance to cover any unexpected circumstances.

Should we be unable to meet the minimum number of participants needed for the retreat, your payments will become refundable.

I have food allergies/dietary restrictions. Can you accommodate me?

Totally. Just let us know ahead of time, and we'll do our best to make sure your meals are both delicious and safe for you.

Is there Wi-Fi?

Yes, there's Wi-Fi both at the condos and my home, where the workshops will be held. But honestly, we encourage you to disconnect a bit. This week is about you, remember?

Ready For


Let's Do this Together

Discover what you want

If you've scrolled all the way down here, something tells me you're intrigued but maybe a tad hesitant. It's totally okay to have reservations; transformative experiences often bring out our doubts. 

But let me remind you, you won't be going through this alone. Picture this: a group of incredible women just like you, all gathering in a space filled with acceptance and support. We're talking about women who also crave balance, yearn for self-acceptance, and are hungry for a sense of community. It's not just about the workshops, the meals, or the gorgeous setting—it's about the deep connections you'll make with other women who get you, who cheer you on, and who lift you up.

So, if you're sitting there wondering, "Is this for me?", take a moment to listen to that inner voice. That voice brought you here, to this page, because deep down, you're ready for this. You're ready to join an empowering and transformative experience where you'll forge lasting friendships and find a renewed sense of self. And guess what? We're ready for you too.

Don't let this opportunity pass you by. If not now, when? Click below to secure your spot and embark on a life-changing journey with like-minded women who want the same things as you.

You're more than worth this investment—in yourself and in a community of women who can't wait to meet you. So let's do this, together.

Secure your spot now

Got questions? I'd love to hear from you! Feel free to shoot me an email at If you'd prefer a one-on-one chat, you can also schedule some time to talk by clicking this link. I'm here to help you make the best decision for you, no strings attached.


"The retreat was fantastic from start to finish and went off without a hitch. Elizabeth created a strong sense of community among us, and by the time it ended, I felt a little sad thinking about going home. What would I do without these amazing women to talk to every day? Being part of that high-caliber group of women, who were not only dealing with real-life struggles but also incredibly supportive of each other, was truly impressive. I loved it."