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If you love learning the best techniques, and how to be healthier, you’re going to want to check out & watch every single one of these amazing webinars.

Topics Include:

  • Weight Loss
  • How to stop cravings: sweet or salty & crunchy
  • How to manage stress
  • Hormonal Balance so that you can feel better & have more energy
  • How to get consistent with your health habits
  • How to maintain motivation to be healthier
  • How to have a better relationship with your body
  • and more…

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8 Basic Habits Guide & Checklist

Health & fitness advice can be confusing. Which techniques will help you lose weight safely? Which things should I be doing on a daily basis? Which habits are best for maintaining my health and mobility as I age?

If you’ve ever gotten overwhelmed with all of the health advice, and just want to get back to basics, you need the 8 Basic Things that Healthy People Do.

In this guide, I’ve boiled down all of the health advice to 8 simple, easy to do habits. If you make these habits, you will be certain that you’re becoming healthier by the day!

Health is a continuum. It shouldn’t be complicated or difficult. With this guide and checklist, you’ll have a great foundation of health & weight loss AND you’ll be able to lean into your new lifestyle – which is a better, longer lasting, and sustainable strategy.

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How to Get the Body You Desire
Without Giving Up Everything that Brings You Joy

Are you someone who eats the same way during the week that you do on the weekends? How about when you’re on vacation

As a Habit-based Coach, I was curious – what made some habits stick, and others were so difficult?

What’s the difference between those who go on vacation & enjoy their time, but don’t over-do it versus those that do?

In this 5 part video series, I will share the 4 most common things that we do to sabotage our efforts – but more importantly, once we overcome them, how we can make incredible strides in attaining any goal that we desire.

How those health habits that we desire just become something that we do.

Learn the secrets that I’ve uncovered by working with 100s of clients who have made the shift from struggling to success with their health habits.

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7 Mistakes I Made in My Weight Loss Journey

Whether losing weight is a new thing for you, or you’re an ole pro, we all make mistakes. Sometimes, we can learn from others, and avoid making those same mistakes ourselves! In this 7 page PDF, I detail each of the mistakes I made in my journey to everlasting weight management, why they were a mistake, and what I learned as a result. Learn from my mistakes! And hopefully, your journey will be much smoother than mine was!

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Skinny Cocktails Recipe Guide

Too often, we think we need to choose between having cocktails with our girlfriends, and our goal weight. And it’s true that alcohol is pretty calorie dense – but many times it’s the mixers and other stuff bartenders add *to* the cocktails that leads to cocktails that break the calorie bank.

Recipe Guide includes swaps for your favorites:

  • Margaritas
  • Sangria
  • Pina Coladas
  • Moscow Mules
  • And More . . .

Download my FREE Recipe Guide with your favorite cocktails MINUS the caloric load.

Mindlessly Eat Less Cheat Sheet

We’ve all done it: Looked down at our bowl or plate, and wondered, ‘Where did it all go?’ Although it’s preferable to actually taste your food, in this 2 page PDF, I give you solutions on how to cut down on the damage, by setting up your environment in a way that allows you to eat less – without even thinking about it! Strategies that go beyond eating off of smaller plates.

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Active Anywhere:
The Traveling Girls Guide to Working Out on the Road

For the Leader Who Won’t Let her Busy Schedule Get in the Way of Being Amazing!
This FREE Workout bundle includes:

  • Over 20 minimal equipment workouts included
    • 1/3 Bodyweight
    • 1/3 Bands
    • 1/3 Dumbbells
  • All Workouts 20-30 minutes in duration
  • Exercise Library included (100+ exercise demonstrations) with modifications for common injuries

Whether you’re a road warrior, or just don’t have time/desire/whatever to dedicate tons of time to getting fit, this series is amazing!!

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20 Minute Weight Loss Workouts

Lose Weight in Just 20 Minutes a Day! You don’t have to spend hours in the gym to see results. In fact, for many folks, the amount of time you spend exercising past 30 minutes, you get diminishing results!

These workouts include Strength Training and Cardio to get you Done and Out the Door in Half The Time!

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Resolution Reboot Challenge

Although the Resolution Reboot Challenge was held during February 2017, the workouts are still amazing!

I created this series after I injured my back, and needed something ‘lighter’ to re-enter strength training. I challenged my friends and followers to join me on the journey of working out for 10 days in a row – 20 minutes at a time. It was tons of fun.

When you sign up for this series, you’ll receive all 10 workouts, demonstrations of each of the exercises, as well as full length video workouts that you can do right along with me!

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