Listening to Your Body with Lisa & Stephanie

From Lisa:

“I think the other thing, too, is what I least expected was the support of the group and, like the incredible women that we were in this group with and I still like there’s a group of us in contact pretty much almost every day. So I think that, like that was the piece that was most helpful Was this idea that there’s a lot of us that have these struggles and like having this group, that was just we didn’t know each other. We had, like, no background or introduction. Our introduction was the program and seeing how, like, we developed these friendships and these relationships and the support network was really incredible and, I think, really made it successful in ways that I didn’t anticipate.”

From Stephanie:

“I think what I really loved about the program was just, you know, obviously the tools that I feel like I’ve gained, that I, you know, continue to carry with me, but it’s like really having the support of all of the women in the group who were all at like similar stages of their life. You know, we all had, we all had our own shit, but, like you know, just a very similar, like a lot of similarities between like what we were going stages in our lives.”

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From Stacey

“Turning 50 and other personal events had me at a low place, which is why I originally scheduled the consult. I am so glad I did.

Working with Elizabeth has changed my life! I feel so much better, emotionally and physically, and know it will only get better. It was worth the investment in myself.

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Discovering What You Want with Stacey Oliver Knappe
Christine | Done with Dieting Podcast Episode 133

From Christine:

It’s been life-changing!

“My husband + friends think I have a more peaceful + calm demeanor, especially in the face of stress. They are often inspired to think about and improve their own situations based on what I share from our sessions.

This experience has been life-changing! I’m the happiest I’ve ever been in my own skin, my relationships with others have all improved significantly, and I have a much healthier perspective on life in general. Simply put, working with you has been one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in life”

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About Stephanie:

Stephanie’s journey led to weight loss and more importantly, a significant self-discovery and identity shift, which she attributes to the coaching process. She learned critical skills and gained insights that she couldn’t have through traditional diet or exercise programs.

Stephanie realized that true self-care is about creating a life you don’t need to escape from, rather than indulging in short-term escapes like food or other treats.

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Stephanie's journey to self-care
confidence made easy with Xena Jones

From Xena:

“My journey with Elizabeth was transformative. She guided me through mindset shifts around food and body image that were deeply rooted in feminist values. This approach helped me make significant changes without adhering to restrictive diets. Elizabeth’s coaching goes beyond superficial weight loss, focusing on respecting and loving our bodies. Her historical insights on diet culture and advocacy for body neutrality have been invaluable in my journey towards a healthier self-perception.”

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Erin’s Journey:

Erin underwent a significant transformation, losing 130 pounds. She realized that weight loss alone doesn’t solve problems and that building self-trust is crucial. Erin highlights the importance of understanding one’s thoughts and emotions and making empowering decisions. She praised Elizabeth’s coaching for providing tools and concepts applicable in various life aspects, not just weight loss.

Christine’s Experience:

Christine was seeking personal development and self-care, especially as a new mother during the pandemic. She valued the group aspect of the group program for accountability and like-minded community support. Christine’s journey was significantly about mental work and personal development, and she appreciated the program’s timing and structure.

Fawn’s Transformation:

Fawn, having previously lost over a hundred pounds with Weight Watchers, wanted to recommit to her health and manage stress eating. She was drawn to Elizabeth’s philosophy of forming healthy habits and being comfortable in one’s skin, diverging from traditional diet culture. Fawn appreciated the focus on practical lifestyle changes like hydration, nutrition, and movement, rather than strict dieting and tracking

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client success stories

From Annie:

“Working with Elizabeth transformed not just my body, but my entire approach to health and life. I learned to trust myself, to understand my body’s needs, and to focus on mindfulness and health rather than just the number on the scale. Elizabeth’s coaching guided me through my long-standing struggles with weight, helping me build a foundation of healthy habits and positive self-perception. Her approach is about more than weight loss; it’s about creating a sustainable, fulfilling lifestyle.”

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