“Through paying attention to what I’m eating for breakfast, I’m able to have better willpower throughout the day. I’m able to see the cascading effects of one choice on the rest of my day.” – Michelle

I Didn’t Have to go on Medication

About a year ago my internist noticed that my blood test levels weren’t in order and referred me to a cardiologist. After a short visit, the heart doctor suggested that medication would be in order if I didn’t change my lifestyle. I was worried about the side effects of medication and knew I could help myself with the right motivation. About that time is when Elizabeth suggested I would be a good candidate for her Well Coaches goal program. After an initial visit, Elizabeth and I worked together to set goals to improve my eating and exercise habits. With her help, I started off slowly and fine tuned my exercise program by walking everyday and slowly adding more time to each session. In addition, I slowly added strength training a few times a week. I also kept a log of what I consumed each day for about 3 months with a program on my Palm Pilot called Diet Log. The idea was to make me more aware of what I was eating.

I was absolutely thrilled when I went back to the doctor and he was pleased by the results. My cholesterol had improved, my triglycerides were lower and my blood sugar had vastly improved. In short, everything was within normal ranges. Elizabeth’s methodology for me included empathy, encouragement, intelligence, knowledge of conditioning, diet and behavior. I am thrilled with the results. Many thanks to Elizabeth!!!

– Jack

My sleep habits have improved. Which has had a cascading effect on the rest of my health. I have more energy, my diet is better, and I’m better able to concentrate at work.” – Jen

I got the Support and Information I Needed

Elizabeth is by far the most knowledgeable and committed coach I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I had worked out with three different fitness trainers in the years prior to meeting Elizabeth and all offered a stereotypical workout routine that varied little and lacked appeal. However, with Elizabeth, I found someone who truly loves the art of fitness and through her own previous weight struggles, understood the need to make working out a stimulate, not a chore.

But even further, Elizabeth offered a wide knowledge of nutrition which took my personal fitness to another level. She didn’t preach the guidelines, but rather, listened. She listened to what I enjoyed eating and gave me nutritional advice which would be more manageable (a therefore more successful) than the dry-cut, textbook edition.

But perhaps most importantly, Elizabeth was a guide through the emotional rollercoaster of weight loss and fitness aspirations. I was a client who had been morbidly obese and who was still in the throngs of an eating disorder when I began training with Elizabeth. Not only did she not judge me, but I felt that I could be honest with her about my unhealthy eating habits, and that whatever advice she gave me was well researched and fit to my personal needs. She single-handedly, not only transformed my eating habits and my body (I lost over 25lbs) but also my outlook on health as a whole.

– Becca

“After just a few weeks, I’ve only focused on paying attention to what I’m eating and have lost 10 lbs.” – Kim

I Learned How to be Successful on My Own

Elizabeth is the coach I needed: smart, funny, relaxed, and knowledgeable in the key areas of nutrition and exercise. She gives me solid guidance in a supportive and lighthearted style that helps me keep on track. She is especially good at teaching me how to set good, specific, measurable goals instead of just hoping to be fit some day. Her certifications in nutrition and health coaching really made the difference in giving me the foundation I am using to sustain a healthy lifestyle. It also matters to me that she has worked at getting fit and wasn’t just born fit. I am inspired by her story of learning how to be fit after a long time without any fitness plan.

– Ann

“I love that you encourage me to take time for myself and I try not to focus so much on food and focus more on a being holistically healthy – sleep, exercise, nutrition, and making time for things that make me smile more.  So thank you for encouraging me to make time for myself – whether it is taking a bath, or getting a massage or just having coffee with a friend.  I do go for walks and take weight training classes, but taking care of my emotional state is just as valuable.” – Karen

We Were Able to Enjoy Our Trip

My husband and I worked with Elizabeth for a few months prior to a 10-day hiking trip in Wales. We wanted to be in shape to enjoy our trip, which averaged walking 10 miles a day. Not only were we strong enough to comfortably enjoy our hiking trip, but we both lost weight and noticeably improved our strength. We were impressed with Elizabeth’s professionalism and knowledge of weight training and fitness in general. We strongly recommend her to anyone interested in improving their strength, stamina and general health.

– Pam