The Best Kept Secret in Austin

I’ve lived in Austin for almost 8 years (yikes! has it been that long?). I’ve been actively engaged in the fitness community for about 3 years now. When you come to Austin, you can’t help but know about RunTex & the running community here – Runtex has such a presence here. I think they sponsor absolutely every race imaginable; they provide cold water on the town lake hike & bike trail; through word of mouth, they are THE store for runners, everyone talks about RunTex; and they have RunTex University, which I had heard of but never understood: until now.

RunTex University’s mission is to improve the fitness of our community, state and nation through the support of endurance events and training programs. We look forward to sharing our passion with each of you.

I was confused about RunTexU because when I went to look at their training programs, I couldn’t figure out how much it cost to join the group that I wanted to join. I guess the reason I couldn’t find their pricing – they’re FREE.

“Simply put, we need to get America moving!  Our communities are spending more and more time indoors being sedentary.  From children who would rather play the latest video game than go outside and play to adults tied to their desks all day, eating junk food on the run, we are a nation in crisis.  Childhood obesity is reaching epidemic numbers as we see lack-of-fitness related diseases common through the adult population.  The good news is: we know how to fix it!  The challenge is to get our family, friends and colleagues moving once again, and the RunTex Foundation is deeply committed to this mission.”
– Paul Carrozza, Founder

Last week, I met with Sunshine at the RunTex Foundation. She’s fantastic (how can you not with a name like Sunshine?) She explained to me all about the RunTex Foundation charter & how the organization works. She does an incredible job fueling Paul’s mission to get people moving & making it happen.

The amazing thing about this is that there are tons of folks in Austin who contribute to this cause & partner with RunTexU to serve the community. Everyone involved just wants the same thing Paul Carrozza wants: to help people in our community get healthier. This is something that we need to do in order to make the world a better place.

I’m ready to serve my community & am so happy that there’s a place like this where all I have to do is show up, educate & have fun. I’m excited to be working with the RunTex Foundation & RunTexU, and am thrilled that they are here, waiting with open arms for anyone who wants to join them.

Your body was meant to move – so now go do it.