Elizabeth Sherman is a health and weight loss coach who works with (mostly) women to lose weight and feel better through managing easy to do, sustainable habits.: diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management. Using certain cues, including Cravings, Hunger, Energy, Stress (mood), and Sleep, she helps folks design the right health program for their body and lifestyle, and address the obstacles and barriers we encounter when trying to be consistent in our desired habits. We can achieve optimal health; which leads to better energy, focus, productivity, relationships, and happiness in our lives.

These workshops offer folks rare, real-time insights into what it takes to make easy to do, simple changes that will lead to lasting changes that also make a HUGE impact optimal health. Each workshop or talk can be fully customized to include each group’s specific needs, address specific challenges, and can run from two hours to full-day experiences.

Elizabeth is a Chicago native, but now lives in Puerto Morelos Mexico, and through the amazing advancements in technology, meets with her clients online. She is a certified health coach, nutritionist, personal trainer, and life coach.


The Healthy Road Warrior: How to navigate traveling for work or pleasure without getting jet lag on your health

3 Secrets to Success: How to get the results you desire without giving up everything you love

Self-Care: More than Mani-Pedis or Massages

Self-Care for Men: How to take care of yourself without judgement

It’s Not Complicated: How the basics are all you need to achieve optimal health

Listen to your Body Talk: What your hormones are saying, and how to respond

Work-Life Balance: How to Practice Self-Care in a high stress business environment

Or Mix & Match with group exercise, cooking, or any other desired topics!

The Impact

Attendees will leave with
  • the most current research, effective and impactful methods to increase quality of life and best health
  • a thorough understanding of when and how to apply each method or technique
  • increased confidence in their ability to navigate their health behaviors successfully

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