Eat the Freakin Banana


So, here’s the scene:

It’s after dinner, and you want something.

A banana.

But you don’t eat it.

Because you heard that it’s got a lot of starch in it.

And sugar.

And they can also have a lot of calories!

And all of that is bad to have before you go to bed.

So you eat a handful of almonds.

Because even though they can be higher in calories, at least they don’t have any starch or sugar.

And that’s good because you’ve heard that at least it won’t raise your blood sugar before bed.

But the almonds don’t really hit the spot.

So you find some fat free Greek yogurt.

And you put a touch of honey in it to sweeten it a little.

But that’s okay because you read that you should always eat carbohydrates with protein – because protein slows down the spike in blood sugar.

And the yogurt is a good choice because it’s got a TON of protein.

But again, it doesn’t exactly hit the spot.

So you have a square of dark chocolate.

It was just okay. Again, it wasn’t exactly what you were looking for.

But at this point you’re over full.

And you feel gross.

But you’re still not satisfied,

And it’s time for bed.

And you wish you had just eaten that damn banana because after tallying all of the calories you ate INSTEAD of the banana, you would have just been better off eating the freakin’ fruit.

Does this ever happen to you?

It’s called The Banana Effect.

We’ve judged a food as bad when in truth, no foods are bad or good. All foods are fine in moderation.

And it happens when we want something – but for some reason we talk ourselves out of it – whether it’s that it’s too many calories, or we’ve read an article, or decided that it’s bad in some way.

OR maybe you already had some today, and you have it in your head that a diverse diet is healthier.

Anyway – for some arbitrary reason, this food is now on the naughty list.

So,  In your mind, you can’t have it..

And as a substitution, you pick other foods that are somehow, justifiably in your mind, better but they still don’t satisfy your craving.

When all it could have been, was just one little banana.

Just a banana.

But instead, it was half your kitchen pantry.

The lesson here is, next time you want the banana, Eat the Freakin’ Banana.

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