Wii Fit

The Wii Fit (different from WWEE or Absolutely Fit) is a new video game launched from Nintendo to get people to move more. For years now there have been reports of folks who have dropped dramatic weight by using video games such as Dance Dance Revolution or some of the other Wii games.

As a wellness professional, my first thought is, "That's great! It's getting people up & moving around — off the couch & that's just fantastic!"

But then thinking about it for a bit, I start to get sad because it's a video game. I laugh when I think about my massage therapist, Annie. One of the newest hit video games is Guitar Hero. She says that "By the time one gets good at Guitar Hero, they could actually have learned the guitar!" Which is true.

But I think that the Wii Fit is a little different. People are exercising. They're not pretending to exercise; they're actually doing it. Also, take it to account that exercise videos are a huge industry with credits to Jane Fonda, Billy Blanks & Cathe Friedrich to name just a few. Is it that much different? As far as exercising to the television in the privacy of your own space – no. But in concept it is a HUGE difference. The Wii comes up with a different program each time you use it. Much better than doing the same thing with the same music & the same commentary that you get with an exercise video.