Absolutely Fit!

I do my personal training out of a small personal training studio in the heart of Austin. The studio is called Absolutely Fit! & has recently launched it's website. You can only workout there if you're working with your personal trainer. What I love about working there is that it's a little like The Island of Misfit Toys — Everyone belongs. And because everyone belongs there, my clients & I don't feel uncomfortable. Ever.

The studio is fantastic because it's just the right size, it has all of the necessary equipment, the location is perfect & clients don't have to pay for a membership. Sometimes we have complete privacy, other times we share a space with a few trainers & their clients. It all depends on the time of day. Everyone knows everyone else & share in group discussions (or eavesdrop if that's your thing). 

It really is awesome. Thank you Jeff for giving us a space to call home.