Is Eating Healthy More Expensive?

For years, I've heard the argument that eating healthier foods is more expensive. It's hard to argue with that when you have McDonalds and Burger King supersizing meals for a measly $0.39, yet a salad can run you $9.00 at a to go restaurant.

Not too long ago, I saw a post on what 200 calories of food looks like. I wondered what 200 calories of food cost. Lucky for me, someone already did that.

As a general rule, you want to "eat from the rainbow". Foods that have lots of color have more nutritional value. Unfortunately, everything looks pretty beige (except for the brightly colored candies, cereals, and chips) until you get to just above the "Cost of 200 Calories: Over $1.00" category. The Avocado makes it's debut at $0.99.

It makes me sad that not only is bad for you food cheaper, but it's so readily available – within reach. Healthier options are also perishable. Fruits, vegetables & meats have an expiration date (unless they're canned). Twinkies? not so much. Frozen foods are a great way of extending the shelf life of your healthier foods, however you may sacrifice a bit of taste quality in the process. I suppose folks who are opting for fast food & junk foods though aren't worried about taste though since those foods are enhanced with chemical flavoring. And who wants to eat chemicals?