It’s Very Freeing

I really love my bodybugg! I love it because I am so close to achieving my goal. And that's exciting. It's exciting to know that as a personal trainer and nutritionist, I'm not a failure at losing weight — I just didn't have the proper tools before. And it's amazing to me how easy it is.

As I've said before, I've always had a rather clean diet, and I've journaled my food for years — nothing new there. I don't think I'm exercising more either. I haven't given up carbohydrates, and I still pretty much eat chocolate every day. I have become more aware of my hunger, and I try to eat to that, however whenever I had tried to eat according to my hunger cues in the past, it had led to eventual overeating. I think there were days that I certainly didn't eat enough for my activity level, and then the following day I would be ravenous, practically eating the drywall off the walls.

Since I've started using the bodybugg, I really haven't had any major swings in appetite. I'm rarely hungry because I'm eating an appropriate amount of food to fuel my activity; and I feel more energetic too!

So, the bodybugg tracks how many calories I burn in a day. By keeping my calorie intake just below my calorie burn, not only am I rarely hungry, but when I am, it is so slight that I am able to control the urge. By knowing how many calories my body needs, and controlling that threshold of the calorie deficit, I'm able to break free of the cycle of under-eating, over-eating, guilt, even more under-eating, and so on…

I am now finally in control of what I eat instead of my diet controlling me!

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