Introducing: Health with Friends!

hwflogo2I’ve recently added a new service for my customers that I’m really excited about. I’m excited about it because I am in this business to help folks be healthy. I want my clients to live better lives than they are right now & I know so many of them can, but just don’t know how, or where to start. Some folks don’t have the social support that they need at home to be successful.

That’s where Health with Friends comes in. Health with Friends is a Goals Based Support Group.

As a Health Educator, I assist my clients in making behavior changes where their lifestyle is concerned. I work within the 5 pillars of health: nutrition, activity, sleep, stress management and smoking cessation. Health with Friends also works within these 5 pillars of health, but rather than being accountable to just me, their wellness coach, nutritionist or personal trainer, they’re now also accountable to the other folks in the group.

We meet on a weekly basis, live in Austin, Texas, or virtually through Skype. Each week we report in on how we’ve done on our goals over the past week, discuss barriers, obstacles & other things that may have kept us from accomplishing what we had set out to do & how we dealt with it, or what strategies we can use in the future to combat getting derailed.

Each week we’ll have a specific topic of conversation. It could be a book that we read & discuss, or a movie, diet or exercise methodology. Nothing is off limits, and all opinions are welcome.

Health with Friends is different because:

  1. We’re focusing on goals; not weight. My thought is that if your head is in the right place, your body will follow. If you’re treating your body with respect by feeding it healthy foods that fuel your activity, and moving because it feels good, your stress will be reduced, you’ll sleep better & your body will react by becoming more efficient, smaller and stronger.
  2. We set goals surrounding the 5 pillars of health: nutrition, exercise, sleep, stress management, and smoking cessation. These are all aspects of a healthy person. Not just diet & exercise.
  3. We don’t prescribe a set nutrition plan, exercise plan, eating plan or anything else. We are all on our own journey. What works for one person may not work for another. For this reason, we support each other in that journey and no agenda of eating or exercise is forced on anyone.
  4. We meet in person or in your living room. By having the flexibility of meeting through virtual meetings or in-person, you can have it your way. If you’re crunched for time & can’t afford the drive to & from a meeting, maybe the virtual meetings are better for you. We also have an online support group so you can get support almost 24 hours per day.
  5. You earn your money back by being successful. If you stick to your short term goals, and accomplish your longer term goals, you will get some of our enrollment dollars back. Additionally, through competitions, you can also win money.

These are all of the reasons why I’m proud to announce Health with Friends. If you or a friend or relative would benefit from Health with Friends, let them know about it. Refer 2 friends & get 1/2 off of your enrollment!