You’re Invited: Embrace – A movie about body image

Body image – we don’t really like to talk about it, and yet, we all feel like crap about ours. The beauty, fashion, and fitness industries count on the message that we aren’t good enough without this product that they are trying to sell us.

Over the course of the past few years, there’s been a rise in the body image movement. Proponents of this movement state that no matter what your size, you should be happy with your body. You shouldn’t hide or live in shame if you don’t identify with the narrow definition that are portrayed in the images we see, that really only represent a small percentage of women – what color we are, shape and size.

Opponents of the body acceptance movement fear that if we are happy with our body, then that means that I won’t be driven to be healthy, eat nutritious food, or exercise. Somehow, they attest that if we don’t shame those who aren’t attractive enough (whatever that means – because everyone’s preferences for beauty are different), that they won’t be motivated to lose weight, or get healthy.

And that’s just not true.

Research repeatedly shows that folks who have high self esteem take better care and treat themselves better than folks who are self-critical. Criticism – whether directed at others or as a form of self-talk isn’t helpful – and in fact, is destructive

And it doesn’t matter if you’re overweight or lean. We all want to change something about our body at almost every size.

Women who are overweight look at women who are average or under-weight, and wonder, ‘what could she possibly not like about her body? I’d love to be that size!’ And the women who they’re talking about are still unhappy with something – if not all of it.

I know this, not only because I talk to women about their bodies every day, but I was also that woman. I was overweight, and thought that, if I only lost 10 more lbs, then I’d be happy with my body.

But it wasn’t. It was never enough.

Even when I competed in my bodybuilding competitions, I still saw flaws! In fact, I probably saw the MOST flaws in my body because I was going up on stage to be judged whether I was the ‘best’ or not.

“I was going to be judged”. rated.

That is probably the biggest reason why I only competed in one season of boydbuilding. Not only is the preparation phase to diet down to single digit body fat percentages extremely rigid, and somewhat unhealthy, but afterwards, I didn’t like that I felt like I needed to pin my self-worth on whether my appearance was good ‘enough’.

So, when I came across this movie, Embrace, I wanted to share it with as many other women as I can.

I have organized a screening of this movie in Austin, Texas at the Arbor Regal 8 Cinema on January 3rd at 7:30 pm.

If you can’t make it, or don’t live in Austin, you can find out if there’s another screening in your area by visiting this site. OR you can organize your own screening. (You totally know 60 other women who would want to explore body image more – don’t you?)

I know that January 3rd sounds like a long way out, but here’s how this screening works:

  • We need to have a minimum number of seats confirmed before December 20th in order to make the screening happen.
  • If you purchase a ticket and we don’t make the minimum number of seats by December 20th, you won’t be charged, and the screening won’t happen.

But I think this is a topic that is so important for every woman to be aware of, so I hope you’ll join us.

And please feel free to reach out if you have any questions. Make it a girls night, and bring your friends!

I hope to see you there!

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