Self-Care: Beyond Massages & Manicures

I talk about weight loss on my blog a lot.

But, to be honest, the topic of weight loss has become less and less interesting of a topic to me. I’m much more concerned with how my clients think, feel, move, and their general health.

However, our weight is a really good barometer for our health, and for that reason, I still think that it’s important to discuss.

If we are taking good care of our body, that means feeding it properly and in the proper amounts, exercising it, giving it enough rest, (and since our brain is inside our body) not stressing out, and having a healthy attitude towards our relationships and the world around us.

Our weight is a symptom of our lifestyle.

Many folks like to manage the symptoms without addressing the root cause.

Knee hurts? Get an injection. Can’t sleep? Take a pill. Low energy? Take another pill.

But we’re always going to be putting band-aids on that symptom until we solve the underlying problem.

And so, it can be confusing for folks who start coaching with someone who looks at the whole picture versus only what we’re eating, or what we’re doing for exercise, because the first thing you will talk about are your vision for your life, priorities and values. And sometimes, the first thing to work on is getting out of busy-ness, and into calm – reserve 5 minutes a day to focus on nothing else but breathing.

I can almost hear it in their sighs and eye rolls 😉 – why are we talking about priorities and values when I just want to fit into my jeans?!? How will breathing help me reach my goal?

Because we can’t grow if we’re stuck. And we can’t get unstuck if we don’t know where our priorities lie. And folks who don’t put themselves on their to do list are just throwing money at a problem without willingness to address the issue.

See, when we get stuck, it’s because we’ve hit a barrier or obstacle. Typically it’s because what we want and what we say we want are in conflict.

And when we’re in conflict, sometimes it’s easier to pay attention to whats urgent – even though it may be less important.

Example: You’re heading in to your workout when you notice you have a text. Innocently enough, you check it. Your It’s your office. Everyone is freaking out because something needs to be done right away.

It’s urgent for them.

But is it important for you?

Its situations like this that illustrate how there are tons of workouts available & there are no shortage of diets available to us – all of which work. But nutritional plans and exercise routines aren’t the answer to our struggles.

The struggle is in between our ears: in our brains. It’s about the way we think about ourselves, and the way we think about ourselves in relation to others. And it plays itself out in our choices.

Until we are able to put ourselves on the list – not because we can then take care of others, but because we are WORTHY of being ON the list – we will never accomplish ANY of our goals; regardless of whether they’re health related or personal in nature.

Each of us is worth our own attention.

We are continually taught that we need to be self-less. That taking care of ourselves is bad and selfish. But when we don’t take care of ourselves, we ultimately lose out. Things start breaking down. :/

Sometimes self-care can be as simple as saying no to something that you’re not jazzed about, and saying yes to something that you are.

If its not a ‘Hell YES!” then it’s a “Hell NO!”

Self care doesn’t need to be manicures and massages (although those are pretty heavenly!) Self care is about putting yourself on the list & not at the bottom – maybe not #1, but up there. Because you’re worth it.

One of the ways that we demonstrate to ourselves that we’re worth putting on the list, is whether we’re consistent in our exercise and eating habits. . If you struggle with being inconsistent, and are interested in exploring the underlying beliefs & motivations around that struggle, download my FREE guide: How to get the body you desire without giving up everything that brings you joy.