I think I might be crazy

I have been trying to make myself a runner for years. I had all but given up hope until about 6 months ago when it really kicked in. I was able to do it and not stop. I set goals for myself and reached them. I really started to like running because it allowed me to clear my  head about whatever was on my mind. I enjoy doing it first thing in the morning so that I can set my day.

At first, it was all I could do to not think about running while I was doing it – that made it all the more difficult. But eventually, as I was able to learn from my breathing and heart rate whether I should slow down or if I could step it up, it became more fun. I started driving the routes that I took to see how far I had run & was amazed at the distances. Although it was only 6 miles, that was a lot farther than I had ever run before without stopping to walk several times.

I figured that since I was running 6 miles regularly that I could probably set my sites on the 3M half marathon. And so in the late fall, I decided that I would run my first half marathon.

Last weekend we were over at a friends house when she mentioned that she was going to be participating in the half marathon. I asked her when it was. "Three weeks." was her response.

"Yikes!" Could I do it?

"of course" she reassured me.

So I signed up.

I think this may be the same thoughts I was having when I decided to compete in a body building competition. What was I thinking? Yes, I could back out, but now I've told too many people that I am going to do it. Now I have to do it, and I AM going to do it – otherwise I have to wait another year. Soon enough the weather will be hot enough out that I won't want to run outside & God knows that I won't want to do a half marathon during the late spring, summer or early fall in Austin!

I've never run in a timed race before, so this will be my first. I'm sure that I'll talk myself through the entire 2 hours, or however long it will take me to complete it. I know at this point that it is all a mental game & that's what I need to conquer. I've mapped out my route for this weekend & next weekend, and I will be up bright & early on the morning of January 28th to run in the 3M Half Marathon.

God help me if I keep making fitness goals this way.