New Year’s Resolutions

I am typically not a person who makes New Year's
Resolutions. I definitely make goals, but I guess that I've never put much
stock in New Year’s Resolutions because I am continually evaluating my life,
where it is and where I want it to be, that I don’t wait for the beginning of
the new year to set my goals and start working towards them.

I think that the New Year is a good time for reflection;
looking back on what has happened over the past year, observing which aspects
of my life are better, which have stayed the same, and which are worse off.
I’ll often try to imagine myself at the end of this year. What do I want to be

Just imagining what my life is going to be like in a year,
five years or ten sets the foundation for my life; because if I can’t picture
myself in that ‘place’, then how can it actually happen? I have a direction to
head towards – not just a bunch of wishes.

So what are my goals right now? I have several which span
many areas of my life; fitness, personal, business and nutritional. Some of
them were set well before the New Year, some I made up just recently in my
reflection of the past year.

  • I am
    training for and plan on running in the Cap 10K as well as a ½ Marathon (not sure which one yet).
  • Nutritionally,
    although I eat a very clean diet (what would you expect from a
    nutritionist?) I still struggle with the same issues as everyone else:
    boredom eating; enlarged portions sizes; eating when I’m not hungry “just
  • As far
    as my business goes, I entered the life of personal training and nutrition
    as a beginning to my life as a Wellness Coach. I need to define what
    exactly that means; How does my day look? How do I interact with my
    clients? What sort of things do we do together?

Again, I’m constantly making goals & re-working them – I’m
not sure that any of these are “resolutions”. I’m not resolving to DO anything,
but at least I know where I’m headed.
Oh yeah, I forgot. I DO have one resolution: to blog at least once a