Major Muscles Worked:


Set Up:

  1. Anchor a resistance band at it’s mid-point at a high anchor point.
  2. Hold on to one handle of the resistance band with each of your hands.
  3. Walk backwards, away from the anchor point, until your hands (with your arms straight and slight tension on the band) are at about shoulder height.
  4. Your palms are facing the floor.
  5. Your chest is up, and your shoulders are back.
  6. Keep your core tight throughout the entire exercise.

The Movement:

  1. Keeping your arms straight, press your hands down towards the floor until they hit or pass your mid-thigh.
  2. Keeping resistance on the bands, slowly, return to the starting position.

Specific Cues:

  • Do not roll your shoulders forward as you press the bands down.
  • Keep your arms straight; the resistance of the band will determine how close you can get to your thighs – Just go as far as you can, keeping constant tension on the band.
  • Although the working muscle is your latisimus dorsi, you will also feel this in your triceps and core.



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