Major Muscles Worked:

Core, Shoulder

Side Plank:

  • The Side Plank exercise is a holding exercise performed on your forearm, one side at a time. Although it targets the core, you should be engaging all of your muscles.

Specific Cues:

  • You should press through your forearm, not your elbow
  • You can add extra thickness (a towel, or double-up the mat) if it’s uncomfortable
  • Your shoulder should be more over your forearm than your elbow
  • Your shoulders should be stacked directly over one another (see picture below)
  • Engage your core, glutes, legs, and back.
  • You should have a straight line between your shoulders, hips, knees and ankles. No sagging of the hips, or hips towards the ceiling.
  • Gaze straight ahead of you to create a neutral spine.

Modification 2

Set Up

  • Instead of stacking feet, as shown in the core position, place your top foot in front of your bottom foot, heel to toe.
  • As you press through your forearm, rise up on the edges of both feet.
  • As you fatigue, move into modification 3.

Modification 3

Set Up

  • Bend your bottom knee so that your lower leg is perpendicular to your body.
  • As you rise onto your forearm, brace yourself with your side-shin, and the inner edge of your top foot.



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