Set Up:

  1. Stand with your feet hip width apart or closer.
  2. Hold one dumbbell in each hand.
  3. Chest is up, shoulders are back.

The Movement:

  1. Start by hinging at the hips. Lower your upper body to about a 45 degree angle.
  2. Keep your core engaged to support your lower back.
    Your back should stay flat. DO NOT ROUND YOUR BACK!
  3. Using gravity as resistance, start by shrugging your shoulders back towards each other.
    Relax your shoulders down away from your ears.
  4. Follow through with your elbows, lifting the weight into your rib cage.
  5. At the top of the motion, try to get your elbows to touch in the back of your body.
    They’re never going to touch, but try anyway.
  6. Straighten your arm so that your wrists are close to your hips (or above)
    You should feel your triceps engage at this point. Try not to swing the weight, but keep your elbows stationary 
  7. Bend your elbows, lowering the weight.
    your arms should be at a right angle at this point with your elbows high and your forearms perpendicular to the floor.
  8. Lower the weights to the floor so that you are back to your starting position.

Specific Cues:

  • Review the Row exercise
  • Use a weight appropriate for the Tricep Extension exercise.
  • This is not a fluid movement. There are 5 points of pause (5 positions that you body will ‘hit’)
    1. bent over, with arms straight, (beginning rowing position)
    2. the rowing motion: with elbows at your sides, forearms towards the floor
    3. the tricep extension: elbows at your sides, forearms parallel to the floor
    4. reverse tricep extension: with elbows at your sides, forearms towards the floor (again)
    5. reverse rowing motion: bent over, with arms straight

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