Major Muscles Worked:


This movement is an advanced variation of the Lunge. If you need to modify this exercise, a backward lunge is great substitution. Also, the height of the step will have a huge impact on the difficulty of this exercise; a low step will be easier, and as the step gets higher, it will become more difficult.

Set Up:

  1. Stand about a leg length in front of a step, facing away from the step.
  2. Carefully, place one foot on top of the step.
    you may need to move closer to the step to place your foot on it, and then hop forward.
  3. Shift your hips back, so that they’re about 1/2 way distance between your feet.

The Movement:

  1. With most of your weight in the heel of the front foot, slowly bend your front knee, and lower your hips.
  2. Lower as far as you can, pausing briefly at the bottom of the movement.
    Try to keep most of the weight on your front leg.
  3. Press through the heel of the front foot, to return to standing.

Specific Cues:

  • If your knee breaks the plane of your front toe at the bottom of the movement, either your stable foot is too close to the step, or your hips are too far forward. Adjust & try again.
  • Doing this exercise without weight can be difficult for balance. If you’re finding balance difficult, hold 2 light hand weights.
  • Your hips should be the same distance between your front and back feet.
  • Your front knee should not break the plane of your front toe.
  • Chest up, shoulders back. Look ahead – not at the ground.
  • Your head & chest should be slightly forward, just over your thigh at the bottom of the movement.

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