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Just in case you wanted to remember the insecurity that you felt in grade school gym class, the President's Council on Physical Fitness and Sports has just re-issued the Presidential Physical Fitness Test for Adults.

The test measures your aerobic capacity, flexibility, muscular strength (sit-ups & push-ups), and body composition. Unfortunately, you won't get a certificate signed by Dubyuh, but you can see where you rank in relation to others across the nation. 

Step 1: Print the data collection form 

Step 2: Enter the data online for your results 

Here's what I got:

Fitness Component Test Event Your Results Your Score
Aerobic Fitness* 1.5-Mile Run 13:30 75%ile
Muscular Strength Half Sit-Ups 85 100%ile
  Push-Ups 45 95%ile
Flexibility Sit-and-Reach 17 55%ile
Overall Score (based on percentile average) 81%ile

Body Composition BMI: 22.3 Normal
Waist Circumference 28

So, yes – flexibility is something that I always try to work on. See how you do. Good Luck!