Eat Without Abandon

This week I was on vacation. My husband, Gary & I went to Boston for his sister's wedding, and while we were there we spent a couple of days in Newport, Rhode Island.

Now, my attitude towards vacations is this: When I'm on vacation, I do everything that I can't do at home. That definitely includes eating; I eat whatever I can only get locally. I don't eat foods that I can get at home because really, what's the point? Since I was in Boston & Newport, seafood (specifically shellfish & lobster), italian food and good bread (because we can't find those here in Austin) were on the menu.

I follow a 80/20 rule: 80 percent of the time I make food choices that are "clean eating"; or foods that my body needs to function properly. The other 20 percent of the time, I relax my guidelines a bit, and eat foods that my brain needs to stay sane. Vacation falls into the 20%, although because I have lost the craving for high fat & sugary foods, the foods that I crave or tend to order on restaurant menus are still pretty healthy.

I teach a lot about making good choices in restaurants. Eating healthy when traveling takes work. Not only making good choices and knowing how to place your order, but also knowing when to stop eating since portions can be so large. Because I was on vacation, I wasn't so concerned about my vegetable, fiber, or portion intake. If I was traveling for business, I would have been. I ate what looked good to me, and I did so without guilt. I know I gained a few lbs, however it doesn't bother me too much because I know that once I continue normal eating and exercise routine, I will be back to my comfortable size.

So, when thinking "What Would Elizabeth Eat?" The answer may not be as simple as "carrot sticks & celery stalks". I consider myself a foodie & love to eat good food that is good for me. For the most part, "good for me" means nutritious food that fuels my body. Occasionally it means food that nourishes my soul.