Chest Press

Major Muscles Worked:


Set Up:

  1. Lie on the floor (or a bench if you have it)
    Your knees can be bent, with your feet flat on the floor, or your legs can be straight. If your legs are straight, make sure that your legs are engaged, and not relaxed, flopping out to the side.
  2. Hold dumbbells in each of your hands with your arms straight, weights close to the ceiling, and above your chest.
  3. Palms face your knees.
  4. The ends of the dumbbells are either touching, or and inch or two apart.

The Movement:

  1. Bend your elbows, lowering the weights with control until your upper arms touch the floor.
    As you lower the weights, keep the weights (and your wrists) directly over your elbows. This means that the weights will separate from each other as they lower.
  2. Without pausing at the bottom of the movement, press the weights back to the ceiling.
    Reverse the movement of the weights, keeping them over the chest, and gradually bringing them closer to each other at the top of the motion.

Specific Cues:

  • Keep your eyes on the weights.
  • Do NOT close your eyes! Whenever you have weights over your head, it is IMPORTANT to keep your eyes OPEN!
  • As you lower the weights, your elbows can have one of 3 positions:
    • perpendicular to your body – this will work your chest muscles more
    • at a 45 degree angle from your body – this position works both your chest and triceps equally
    • close to your sides with your elbows closer to your hips – this works your triceps more, and will also require you to rotate your hands so that they’re facing each other at the bottom of the movement.