Is the bodybugg worth it?

It’s true. The bodybugg is a pricey piece of equipment, and ultimately, only you can decide how much money you would be willing to pay to lose the weight you desire. I get asked this question A LOT. Is it worth it?

When I started with the bodybugg, I only had 15 lbs to lose & was convinced that I had a slow metabolism. I knew that my workouts were good: I’m a personal trainer & nutritionist, so I knew WHAT I was eating was good too. What the bodybugg immediately exposed was that I was sedentary the 23 hours in the day I WASN’T exercising. We all know that moving burns more calories than not moving. The bodybugg illustrates that fact very clearly.

Here’s my activity graph from one day. You can clearly see where I was moving & where I wasn’t. I apparently went for a run & about an hour into it, started walking. I was obviously sitting down for the most part from 10:00 to 1:00, and I’m always surprised how many calories I’ll burn when I’m preparing dinner (especially if I’m grilling since I go in and out of the house).

I think that one of the funnest times using the bodybugg is in the initial period where you’re looking at your activity graph & reflecting on what activities burned the most calories: "That’s where I was grocery shopping!", "Oh! & I was doing laundry there…" and "That’s where I was sitting, watching TV!" My house was spotless for the first several months that I had my bodybugg! I didn’t want to see those short little lines on my activity graph.

I lost the weight in about 12 weeks.

Although I initially wanted to lose weight with the bodybugg, my focus has changed to fitness improvement & increasing activity level. I’ve been wearing it for over 2 years & became a retailer because I believe it is a fantastic tool.

As a nation we don’t have a problem LOSING weight. LOTS of people have lost weight. Lots of people are successful LOSING weight. We have a problem with maintaining that lost weight. Of all the folks that lose weight, a staggering 95% regain it.

The bodybugg also teaches us what we need to do to maintain our weight loss – in a balanced and healthy way. No parent wants to say to their child: "I can’t have ice cream." or "Ice cream will make Mommy fat." We don’t want to imprint negative eating habits and beliefs on our children. With the bodybugg, you can have those treats occasionally, and know how hard you need to exercise in order to have occasional treats with your child or significant other.

But the bodybugg IS just a tool. It doesn’t do the work for you. YOU do all the work. The bodybugg only exposes what you’re doing to your body as far as calories in versus calories out.

Yes, the bodybugg is pricey, but when you consider the amount of money that folks spend on exercise gadgets, diet books, supplementation, personal trainers, weight loss clinics & gym memberships, this is one tool that actually works.