Back on the Wagon

I just posted a new newsletter to my website! If you’re not on my newsletter list, please feel free to sign up here. I try to send out newsletters once a month. I’m not really sure what happened, but apparently I took a 9 month hiatus! Initially I think I can blame it on my bodybugg. I’ve been trying to add more activity in my life, and sitting, doing computer work does not accomplish that goal. Eventually, it became a daunting task, my self talk being something like: "Well, now it needs to be an AWESOME newsletter because you’ve been saving all of this information up. It needs to be rockin’!"

That type of self talk reminds me of what we do to ourselves all the time when it comes to LOTS of areas in our life; whether it’s eating "I can’t start eating better until I’ve gotten all of this junk out of the house."; or exercise "I want to start exercising, but I just don’t have the time."; or even if it’s tackling the overabundance of stuff/possessions in your life "I can’t clean out the garage until [insert excuse here]."

What I’m often amazed at is how easy it is once I get started. The mountain of obstacles that my brain has me convinced that this task will take forever, or be really difficult, often doesn’t take nearly the amount of effort that I had anticipated.

It makes me remember that just the act of starting takes so much more mental effort than the act of doing.

So, whether your obstacle is eating better, exercising or de-junking your house, start small. Add a serving of fruit or vegetables in place of something boxed. No time for exercise? Start with a 10 minute walk. And as far as that closet or garage goes, start with just one aspect: shoes or the stuff in your car.

It doesn’t have to be a monumental effort. Start somewhere & eventually, you’ll be able to see all you’ve accomplished.