I’m training in 78704

I am a personal trainer and nutritionist. I train folks out of two different locations: the Westwood Country Club fitness department and a local independent gym. At the beginning of 2007 the local gym that I trained out of changed ownership. The policies that the new owners put in place forced me to look at other options for training my clientele.

I explored opening my own private boutique, I looked into other personal training gyms and renting space from other trainers who have their own studio space. Although some day I like to think that I'd like my own personal training studio, until I increase my independent client base, it doesn't make fiscal sense.

I settled on a new personal training gym: the South Congress Athletic Club. They just opened their doors January 12th & they are in the very hip part of town, the South Congress District. It takes just a bit longer to get there from where I was, but the environment is so much more … oh what's the word? homey?

The owners, Tracy & Marc are so super nice. Tracy is a HUGE part of why I decided to take the leap. She just makes everyone feel welcome. She's the kind of person that you want to be friends with.

Just the other day Marc & I were talking about fitness & the evolutionary path that our fitness interests have taken (i.e.: I started off as a bodybuilder and have moved on to a more rounded and healthy approach to fitness. Running is more of a focus for my personal fitness whereas before it was all about lifting. Balanced nutrition is more important to me and maintaining a lifestyle than eating "clean*" with a 50/30/20 macronutrient breakdown 100% of the time.) It's really nice to work in a place where your training philosophy is the same as those around you. Oddly enough, you would think that the goals of personal trainers and the gym owners are the same, but more often than not, they aren't the same. Even between trainers, their philosophies on training aren't the same.

Why is this important? Well for me, it just makes for a better working environment. But for the average person, I really think that it influences how they adhere to their fitness goals. If your goals and fitness philosophy aren't in line with your trainer's philosophy or the gym's philosophy (think about Ronnie Coleman – 8 time Mr. Olympia working out at Curves) you aren't going to feel comfortable going to the gym. And if you're not comfortable going to the place where you work out, you're not going to go.

Find a place where you belong and find people that you like and you'll be happier. 


I just updated my website, and added a really yummy recipe for date walnut bread. Although it's not lo-cal, it is a clean* sweet bread that is very filling. I really like toasting it up in the toaster.

* The term "clean" or "clean eating" refers to foods devoid of chemical or artificial additives, refined
carbohydrates where nutrients have been taken away and perhaps added back in. All ingredients in the ingredient list have been minimally processed and
are as close to nature as possible. If you don't know what it is, can't pronounce it, or it doesn't grow naturally, don't eat it!