A Better Life

I’m always striving to be better. Sometimes I meet the mark, sometimes I fall short. I guess that’s what’s called being human. Why do I bring this up? well, to reiterate my 2007 New Year’s goals; I wanted to:
1) Run a Half-Marathon
2) Take better care of my nails
3) Walk Lucy most days of the week
4) Blog once a week

Okay – So where do I stand on these Resolutions? 50% isn’t so bad – is it? BUt the year isn’t over yet. I can still redeem myself. Right?

I ran the 3M Half Marathon in January. My Goals for the Half were 1) to run continuously (i.e.: not walk) 2) finish in 2 hours. My time was 2:02. WooHoo! I met both of my goals. I’m happy about that. Since then, my running has really taken a front seat to the rest of my fitness goals. Before, I was WAY into weight lifting. I still strength train, but I’m really enjoying running & challenging myself through running longer or more difficult routes than I am with challenging myself by lifting heavier weights.

I’ve also joined a running group: Rogue Training Systems It’s a way that I can keep myself challenged because I tend to push myself harder when I have an audience.

I am taking better care of my nails; although you can see that I haven’t managed to blog at least once a week, and there’s really no reason why Lucy shouldn’t be walked at least most days of the week – It’s really just getting into the habit.

One technique that I use is that I look into the future and ask myself: What do I want my life to look like in 1 year? I “see” myself going through the day. What new knowledge do I have? What do I look like? How do I feel? What am I doing? Who am I doing it with? Every day I then try to live up to that vision. Each day I try to get closer to that “ideal”. And it works for the most part.

So I’m changing my perception of New Year’s Resolutions: It’s something to strive for consistency through the year. At the end of 2007 I aiming that these goals will have become habit. And who’s to say that new year’s resolutions have to start at the beginning of the calendar year? It’s never to late or too soon to strive for a better life.