I’ll try not to let it go to my head

Click Me: Bodybugg VideoI was interviewed by the local press last week about the Bodybugg. Jessica, my client did an excellent job in the interview & I think she even upstaged me a little bit. I'm excited about the buzz that it's causing. The news story was even picked up by not only the Texas Cable Network, but also three other markets: Austin, Las Vegas, and Topeka Kansas. How exciting!

Apex is thrilled with the exposure, as they should be. It's a really cool device & I'm confident that it will do well.

Lately, folks have been asking me if it will work for them. Yes, it will. However, I've been coming up with a list of criteria for those who it will work best with:

  1. You're motivated enough to wear it all the time – If you only want to wear it part-time, then just go out & buy a heart rate monitor. It is meant to be worn most of your waking hours. Eventually, as you find that you're doing the same things over & over again, you can tell the application when you upload the data off the armband that you did the same activities as yesterday or the day before, but until you have that baseline set, you need to wear it daily.
  2. You're willing to log your food – Just like logging your food without knowing how many calories you're burning is only half of the equation, so is wearing the bodybugg without logging your food. And let me add here that not only are you willing to log your food, but you're willing to be honest with yourself about what you're eating. Be aware that even the most diligent person will underestimate their calorie intake by 15 – 20%, but when you're doing fuzzy estimations, "I had 2 glasses of wine," and those two glasses of wine were served in over-sized wine glasses that could hold half the bottle, you're not being honest, and therefore dis-serving yourself.
  3. You don't get flustered by technology – This is a tool that heavily relies on a web application to make it useful. If you're a techno-phobe, this may not be the tool for you.

Between the armband and the web application, anyone can accomplish their goals. The question about will it work for you depends on whether you'll leverage those tools to be successful.

The application has some great reports that you can use to help in your success too. For instance: if you log a calorie deficit of 500 Calories a day, you should lose 1 lb per week. If after 1 week you only lose 1/2 lb, the application will tell you that you were underestimating your calories by 250. Now instead of getting mad at the application, you can look at that data & think, "Okay, so I'm clearly missing something. It looks like I need to cut back my calories a bit more to be on goal, so instead of creating a calorie deficit of 500, I'll lower my intake an additional 250 (the amount that I'm off) to create a 750 Calorie deficit.

And for anyone who says that $250 is a lot of money for the Bodybugg; yes, it is a lot of money, however in 2006 alone, people spent $35 billion dollars on  books, supplements, gadgets, creams & services. This one works. It's not a magic bullet that you can sit back & it will do the work, however if used correctly, it can facilitate a lifestyle change – and that means that it could be the last $250 you contribute to the multi-billion dollar diet industry.



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