Bonana fanna fo Fana

Let’s see here… I need to take role of all the stupid diets that don’t work.

  • Grapefruit Diet? Check
  • Cabbage Soup Diet? Check
  • Cookie Diet? Check
  • Maple-Syrup/Lemon Juice/Cayenne Pepper Diet? Check Check Check
  • Banana Diet?

What? You haven’t heard of the new Banana Diet that is sweeping Japan like a Giant-Sized Godzilla/PokeMon character? Here are the specifics:

  • A banana (or as many as you want) and room temperature water for breakfast
  • Eat anything you like for lunch and dinner (by 8 p.m.).
  • A three o’clock snack is okay
  • No desserts after meals
  • You have to go to bed before midnight

Unsure of what the “room temperature water” is all about for breakfast, the only problem I have with the diet is #2, oh yeah – and #3. So for lunch, I’d like a Bic Mac & a large fry; Dinner, I’d like a whole pizza. And that 3 o’clock snack? It’s a brownie.

Okay – so I’m being sarcastic, but still. you get the point. I hardly think that breakfast is where most people exceed their calorie budget for the day. Now, “No desserts after meals”, and no night time munching (dinner before 8 p.m.) could be why this diet is successful for a few folks.

So the lesson to be taken away from this post is, “Stay away from diets whose titles identify a specific food” (i.e.: see list above).

Fee fy mo Mana, Banana!