AARP Trainer Program

I just joined the AARP Trainer Program. The American Association of Retired Persons (AARP) & American Council on Exercise (ACE) have teamed up to provide affordable personal training to AARP members. It's a new program, so we'll see how it does. I think it's great that seniors are getting more active. It's really interesting for me to compare clients at similar ages. Those clients who have been exercising for years appear to have better cognitive function in addition to balance, coordination and strength. It's really encouraging. Not that I can't wait, but knowing that my body and mind will be better because of the things I'm doing today makes me feel better about aging.    

Certifiably Certified

Because the summer is a slower period for folks in my business (people taking vacations and although new clients want to look good in a bathing suit, they really don't want to spend any time in the gym), I decided that this would be a good time to complete a few certifications that I have been wanting to do: ACE Lifestyle & Weight Management Consultant, and wellcoach Wellness Coach. I'm really excited about the Wellness Coach certification. I think it's what a lot of people are looking for when they are looking for a personal trainer. Granted, some people are looking for someone to help them through their workouts, but for the folks out there who know what they're doing in the gym (for the most part) and know the basics of good nutrition (but just aren't doing it), this is the person they are looking for.  Excerpt from the Read More . . .