Referrals = $ for you

I’ve decided to implement a referral program for current & past clients, anyone who knows me, or knows of me. Here’s the deal: You refer a new, paying client to me & I pay you a referral fee.

Fine Print: No, there’s not a catch – just some details. I’m doing this as a thank you for giving my name out. I have actually been doing this for some time, but have now opened it up to non-clients. There are no guarantees that personalities or schedules will fit, so that will have to be decided prior to contract signing.

So that I’m not flying across the nation to do Personal Training, PT clients must be able to train in Austin, Texas; Nutritional & Wellness Coaching can be done over the phone, so there wouldn’t be any geography problems, but there could be a time-zone issue.

You can use the Referral Bonus for yourself.

* Could also be applied to gift card to spa services or cash

Referral Bonus Promotion ends on June 30, 2009.