Major Muscles Worked:


Set Up:

  1. Place a swiss ball on the wall, low enough that the middle of it is on your sit bone.
  2. Walk your feet out in front of you at about a 30 degree angle.
    Feet can be touching, or about hip width – you don’t want your feet any wider than that.
  3. Press through the heels of your feet, slowly rolling down the wall until your thighs are parallel to the ground.
  4. Optionally, add weight.

The Movement:

  1. Start by tipping your pelvis backwards.
  2. Bend at the knees.
  3. Roll down the wall.
  4. Keep your chest up.
    Don’t bend over!
  5. As you lower, keep the weight in the heels of your feet.
  6. Lower until your thighs become parallel with the floor.
  7. In the bottom of the position, you want your knees to be directly over your ankles and heels. Complete the movement before adjusting your feet.
  8.  Keeping your core tight and not rounding your back, reverse direction making sure that you press through the heels, and not the balls of your feet.
  9. (optional) add weight

Specific Cues:

  • Look straight ahead – this ensures that you’re not rounding your back
  • It doesn’t matter how close the weight gets to the ground. It matters how close your butt gets to the ground.
  • When pushing back up to stand, ensure that your hips don’t raise before your upper body. It should all be one smooth movement.

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