Major Muscles Worked:


Set Up:

  1. Anchor the band at the mid-point on a high anchor point.
    if you have a door anchor, slide the anchor over the top of the door (see note below)
  2. Kneel in front of the band, with one knee raised, foot on the floor.
    you could optionally perform this exercise seated on a bench or a ball
  3. Grab a handle of the band in each hand.
  4. Move back away from the bands until the bands are slightly taught with straight arms.
    let your shoulders roll forward and up towards the anchor point.

The Movement:

  1. Roll your shoulders back and down away from your ears.
  2. Stick your chest out, and pull the bands towards your armpits.
    skim your elbows towards the sides of your body and try to get your elbows to touch each other in back of your body 
  3. Slowly, return to the starting position, keeping resistance on the bands.
    don’t let the bands snap back to the start

Specific Cues:

  • The set up for this movement could be different depending on how high your anchor point is, and the length and tension of your band. Ideally, when your arms are extended, they would be straight over your head. However, if your bands are long, and your anchor point isn’t too high, the movement could end up looking more like a high row.
  • If you’re using a door anchor, ensure that you’re performing this movement on the side of the door that closes – not the side that opens.


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