Major Muscles Worked:

Glutes, Hips

Set Up:

  1. This exercise needs a little bit of space; find a seam or straight line that is about 10 feet long.
  2. Stand so that your right foot is at the end of that seam
    You’ll start by moving left along the seam
  3. Loop a band around your legs, and position it just above your knees.
    the band should be tight enough so that when your feet are just under hip width apart, you can feel the tension of the band.
  4. You can bend your knees just slightly, or keep them straight.
    in the video above, my knees and hips are slightly bent.

The Movement:

  1. Place your weight, and stabilize yourself with your right foot.
  2. Keeping the bend in your knee the same, kick your left leg to the left.
  3. Transfer the weight to your left foot.
  4. With control, bring your right foot towards the mid-line of your body.
    Put your right foot down at hip width from your left, or at the point where you can still feel tension on the band.
  5. Continue with the movement through the entire length of the seam.
  6. At the end of the distance, stay facing the same direction, however now reverse direction by moving to the right.

Specific Cues:

  • Keep tension on the band at all times
  • Think about pressing through the outside edges of your feet – this prevents your knees from collapsing in
  • Your knees can be slightly bent, however it is not a squat.

X-Band Waddles

  • If you don’t have a looped band, you can perform this same exercise by looping a large super band, or traditional handled resistance band through the arches of both feet. Cross the handles so that the band forms an X in front of your legs.

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