Hi There! I’m Elizabeth!

I’m a health and weight loss coach & I help (mostly) women over the age of 45 to lose weight and feel better.

As we age, our bodies become more resistant to insulin (carbs) and more sensitive to stress. As a result, the techniques that we used to use when we were younger are no longer effective. The old approach of calories-in versus calories-out doesn’t work anymore because our bodies are more sophisticated than ‘eat less, move more’.

imageIn fact, after the age of 45 we need to adopt a totally different approach to health and fitness – one that takes into account the body’s hormones. By balancing the body’s hormones through our lifestyle habits – diet, exercise, sleep, and stress management – we can lose weight and feel great in the process. Using certain cues (CHESS), including Cravings, Hunger, Energy, Stress (mood), and Sleep, Elizabeth helps her clients adjust and discover the right health behaviors for their body and lifestyle.

My approach is totally personalized; no two clients progress looks the same because we each have different strengths, starting points, health history, and vision of what optimal health looks like for us. And so every journey starts with assessment and goal setting. You provide what it is that you want, and I design the steps to get you there successfully.

Clients will learn how to create an environment that supports their goals at home and or at work, develop crucial habits and skills needed to be successful in their goals, and overcome any obstacles or barriers that could be getting in the way of success.

I am an ACE certified health coach and personal trainer, Precision Nutrition L1 & L2 certified nutritionist, and life coach certified through The Life Coach School.

This is How I Can Help You:

  • Find the right diet for you. By learning which foods your body thrives on, you’ll have sustained focus.
  • Improve your sleep so that you can have high energy all day long.
  • Start an exercise routine, which will improve your problem solving and ability to think clearer.
  • Be accountable to yourself – because if you can’t lead yourself, how can you lead others?

If you really want to know more, here are a few things you don’t know about me:

  1. My roller derby name is BarBelle
  2. I’m the youngest of 6 children in my family – and they all think I’m a little off my rocker for moving out of the country
  3. The craziest thing I ever did was moving in with my husband after dating long-distance for only 5 months
  4.  Gary & I were on an episode of House Hunters International after our move to Mexico. You can catch that here.

When I’m not helping folks get healthier through online health coaching, you’ll probably find me at the beach with my two dogs, Bessie and Sadie, or drinking a glass of Malbec and sharing a pizza with my main squeeze, Gary!

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