Modern Day Stress Masterclass

Too often stress management is this intangible thing that requires money or time – ironically two things that we’re probably short on which is why we’re stressed! (mani/pedi or massage anyone?)

What you’ll Learn in this Masterclass:

  • Self-Care. How to “do it” if you’re not into baths, candles, or tea – or if you don’t have the budget for weekly manicures & massages.
  • Before. How to prepare yourself so that you can laugh at your sexist uncle’s jokes instead of feeling your blood boil.
  • During. How to respond to stressful encounters in the moment so that you keep your cool and de-escalate a potential conflict.
  • After. What to do to re-frame the situation so that it doesn’t keep you up at night replaying what-if scenarios, wishing you had responded differently.

Whittle you Middle

How to Balance your Hormones, Lose Weight, and Feel Great

What you’ll Learn in this Training

  • What’s Going On? Why do we gain weight in our mid-section as we get older? And not only how do we make it stop, but how do we make it go away?
  • Why isn’t this working? You’ve probably noticed that many of the things you did when you were younger aren’t as effective as they used to be for dropping a few lbs. Learn new tips and techniques for your changing hormones.
  • Does that work? Maybe you’re tempted to go to a spa because some friends have mentioned that they have a machine to get reduce body fat or get rid of cellulite. There are lots of treatments or techniques that sound promising. Do they really work?
  • What To Do: Practical solutions that you can do – that aren’t dieting or spending hours in the gym – to immediately start seeing results!

Easy Weight Loss Title Slide

How to Lose Weight Forever

with the least amount of effort!

You’ll Learn:

  1.  How cutting out “bad” foods is a huge mistake & what to do instead.
  2.  How to stay motivated even when you’re not seeing results.
  3. How to lose weight without having to do tedious things like logging your food.
  4. The ONE THING that will ruin your success & how to avoid it.

3 Simple Tricks

Master your Hormones for Better Health

In the webinar you’ll learn …

  •   You don’t have to give up carbs! Just follow the ABCD method & manage your weight with ease.
  •   The 2 things to avoid that will cause crazy afternoon cravings.
  •   Getting good sleep is possible: the unlikely culprits that can sabotage the best of us! 

And More …

Without Ever Having to Diet Again!

In this webinar you’ll learn . . .

 1. The secret to being consistent and disciplined with your healthy habits even after a long day at the office! And no – it doesn’t mean spending an extra hour in the kitchen…

 2. The reason you feel so unmotivated after a day of meetings, even though you know exercising will make you feel better. And what to do about it! 

 3 The ONE THING that’s holding you back from putting your health know-how into action despite being a smart, successful woman. I’m going to tell you exactly what that is and exactly how to fix it.

How to Survive the Holidays

Without the Grinch Stealing Your Joy!

What you’ll learn on this webinar:

  • My TOP self-care tip so that you will look and feel your best throughout the holiday season. (It’s probably NOT what you’re thinking!)
  • 3 techniques to finally have a holiday where you feel relaxed, happy, and grateful instead of burdened, grumpy, and stressed out.
  • How to enjoy all the amazing, special treats of the holiday season without guilt or feeling like you need a do-over/cleanse/or major lifestyle change when they’re all over.

What to do when nothing is working

The Webinar that will kick-start your success!

Don’t Quit Yet! Here’s what you’ll Learn:

  • The 80/20 Rule & how it applies to weight loss and health.
  • How to sift through information to determine what to use & throw away so that you get results!
  • How to gain momentum so that it doesn’t feel like you have to keep starting over again & again.
  • ​How to train yourself to (almostalways be motivated, disciplined, and consistent.
  • How to tap into the wisdom of the future version of yourself – the one who has already has that success!
  • What procrastination, self-sabotage, and ‘not feeling like it’ are telling you & how to stop.

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