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Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth2 days ago
Answer: Water & vegetables.

What was the question?

“Elizabeth! I overdid it this weekend & feel terrible. What should I do? Do a fast? A Cleanse? Run 86,0000 miles? Do a boot camp?”

Nope. None of the above. Just drink a ton of water, eat a bunch of vegetables. That’s it.

Forget about the weekend. Its over & there’s nothing you can do to change what happened. BUT if this is a pattern - where you feel like you need to pay penance for your weekend activities, I can help you get over that. I can help you so that the way you eat on Saturday looks a lot closer to how you eat on Monday than it does now.

Interested in learning how?
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth6 days ago
If you look back far enough in my feed, you’ll notice that I used to be adamantly against Intermittent Fasting (aka: IF).

IF is a protocol that alternates periods of eating with periods of not eating. We all do IF to some degree because you can’t eat while you’re sleeping.

There’s a term - cognitive bias - where we find evidence to support whatever it is that we believe (kind of like the people who believe that they don’t have to wear masks 😷 🙄). When I thought IF was a bad idea, I found lots of articles & evidence to support my belief.

But it’s interesting (as with most things) that the more I learned about IF, it’s benefits, and tried it out myself, I realized that I had been wrong in my beliefs about IF.

There’s another term - cognitive dissonance - which is when we are open to a different idea & both competing viewpoints exist in our heads at the same time. This is a really rough time because we don’t know WHAT to believe, and the brain likes being right.

See - IF has huge advantages for folks who want to lose weight.

And the great thing about it, is that it’s so flexible that we just have to find the right protocol for you & your body.

As a Life & Weight Loss Coach, I need to have the data to know the best course for my clients - but I also need to be open to being wrong. Its tough.

But our bodies are so complex that one approach doesn’t work for everybody. And so we have to be open to trying different things until we figure out the one that’s right for us.

It’s called learning.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth7 days ago
Resilience is something that we don’t really think about when we think about changing our behavior. But it’s totally a skill that serves us, if we have it.

Resilience is the ability to bend when things don’t go our way.
- when the store doesn’t have the brand of bread or yogurt that we normally buy
- when the group decides to go out for dinner instead of the planned meal at home
- when the restaurant doesn’t have ‘anything healthy’ on the menu

Situations are going to pop up like this all. The. TIME!

It doesn’t matter if you’re beginning, in the middle of your journey, or are well into maintenance. How you handle little problems like this (and make no mistake - these are the little problems) is a great indicator of how you will handle the big problems - and there WILL BE bigger obstacles.

Do you make the best decision based on the circumstances?

Or do you throw up your hands in surrender & believe that it just wasn’t meant to be?

When you go over to a friends house & all they have is pizza, what do you do?
- eat 2 pieces?
- eat it all?

What would the future version of yourself do? The version of yourself who is successful?

She is resilient.

She has this sh*t figured out.

Because no one is successful without having a few failures under her belt & figuring out how to do better next time. We can learn how to be resilient.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth1 week ago
Happy Taco Tuesday!

The general impression of tacos is that they’re unhealthy - but they don’t have to be! Sure - the ones in the pic are deep fried, but with grilled meat, cabbage, vegetables & some pico on top, you can certainly get your serving of vegetables in for the meal.

What’s your favorite taco?
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth1 week ago
I don’t share a lot of food pics of what I’m eating because frankly, how I eat is pretty boring.

At least during the week it is.

On the weekends, I typically eat pizza & we go out to dinner - but during the week, I prepare almost all of my own food.

I’ve created a good protocol (aka: eating plan) for myself during the week so that on the weekends I can have some more fun with food. It’s intentional.

But the truth is that I love how I eat during the week too because I feel good when I eat minimal sugar & flour, lots of vegetables & protein, and virtually no processed foods.

Just like with everything, we need contrast in our diets.

We need vegetables to balance out the treats.

It’s what I teach my clients - create more automation, structure, & discipline around the ‘normal - the not-special-occasion meals - so that the special occasion meals can shine, and you can have what you truly want without question.

Otherwise there’s no contrast between what’s normal & what’s special - because it’s all the same.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth2 weeks ago
Recently I was a guest on the Imagine Yourself Podcast to talk about my expertise in weight loss - specifically around what habits folks could adopt to shed the weight that so many have gained during the self-quarantine.

We talked about motivation, emotional eating, boredom eating, managing our stress around the stay at home orders as well as the anxiety around this big scary virus that we know as COVID, and what steps you can take to not eat in order to deal with it all.

Sandy & Lanee (the hosts) are super down to earth, asked really relevant questions, and brought their own experience to the conversation so that you know this conversation wasn’t about theory. We talked about practical things you can do today to get back on track.

Listen to the show here: and then follow them & subscribe to their podcast. Their show is super fun & informative!

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