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Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth2 days ago
A few things I am thankful for.

A roof over our house that has protected us from 2 hurricanes and a few more tropical storms.

The guys that take away our garbage so that we don’t have to do anything with it but simply put it outside.

My dogs for alerting us that something unusual is happening & we might want to know about it. All. The TIME!

My glasses for allowing my aging eyes to see.


My friends who visit the US frequently because although we can get everything we NEED here in Mexico, sometimes there are things that we WANT that we can’t.

My electric toothbrush to make the job easier & more thorough.

The feel of my lungs working hard on those days that I choose to run.

Fans for cooling my body when my hormones mis-fire.

Good people who live near by that I can depend on given that I don’t live in my home country.

The internet for connecting me to people I otherwise wouldn't know & allowing me to work.

Slippers for warming my whole body while ONLY coving my feet.

A cold shower at the end of a long day.

Clean sheets on my bed.

My brain.

The first sip of hot coffee first thing in the morning.

My body that keeps me alive without me even trying.

Eyelashes that makes me feel pretty.

Masks that keep me and those who I love healthy.

My dog Sadie for being my constant companion.


Happy Thanksgiving,
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth3 days ago
The holidays this year are going to be a LOT different than they’ve been before.

Many of my clients are upset about it, which totally makes sense because it’s the holidays & we want to spend time with our families. And many of us haven’t been able to see our families because of sheltering-in place orders.

But what’s super interesting, is that these same clients also feel a bit of relief about it because the holidays are typically a time when we over-indulge and gain weight.

My client Elissa even went to far as to say that she hopes that shelter-in-place lasts until she gets to her goal weight & is able to manage her maintenance.

What if it was possible to not gain, not even just maintain - but actually even LOSE weight AND enjoy the holiday at the same time?

It is.

You can look at the recent lockdown orders as a burden OR you can look at it as an opportunity. An opportunity to focus on you without distraction, temptation, or any other stuff getting in the way.

My clients who took this opportunity when shelter-in-place began in March are doing great. Many are at their goal weights and just figuring out maintenance. This could be you in 6 months - or less.

Figure out how to eat for your body; what foods, movement, sleep, and lifestyle activities make you feel your best; stop overeating or eating when you aren’t hungry; and best of all, stop thinking about your weight and how it makes you feel bad.

Want to learn more? I have a short video that explains the process that I take with my clients. Get it here —>
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth4 days ago
We have a fireplace in the rental house that we’re staying at on vacation. It’s been such a treat & it’s mesmerizing staring into the fire.

But getting this fire going has been a royal pain in the *ss!

My friend who were traveling with said, ‘Now I know why, when you’re camping, that you want to wake up every few hours to keep the fire going throughout the night.”

And it made me think about starting a new diet, or beginning a new plan, versus maintaining your weight.

It’s hard to get it going!

And it’s so much easier to pivot when you have some momentum (or fire) under your belt.

If you’re thinking that you want to start the new year & really lose the weight that you’re desiring, now is a really good time to start. You can build some foundational habits now & when the new year starts, you’ll be primed to lose the weight you want - without dieting, without feeling deprived, restricted, or resentful.

Send me a message with all the questions. It’s time.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth5 days ago
I’m on vacation!

We’re in a tiny town called San Cristobal - which if I didn’t know that I was in Mexico, feels like I’m somewhere in Europe. Just stunning!

I’m planning on doing a lot of sight seeing, sleeping, eating & drinking wine with friends.

The version of myself from 5 or 10 years ago would have been filled with anxiety - wondering what I’m going to eat? Could I stay on plan while traveling? And getting frustrated - worried that I’d gain weight - and then finally saying ‘eff it’ & diving head first into all the ‘forbidden’ foods.

My present self isn’t worried about it. I know I’ll figure it out. I know that I’ll enjoy my vacation better if I drink more water, eat more vegetables, and don’t over-drink (which, if we’re being honest, is difficult enough when we’re at home). So, I’m going to focus on doing those things because I want to not only enjoy my vacation because I want to feel good, but I also want to feel good when I go home.

Because I don’t deny myself access to any foods when I’m at home, when I travel, I don’t feel like a caged animal that has suddenly been freed that I need to eat all the things. And so instead, I’m paying attention to my hunger signals & how I feel. It’s what I teach my clients.

See, when we stop dieting and focusing on weight loss, life (and vacations) becomes so much easier.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth1 week ago
I am NOT a therapist.

Although I DO create a safe space for my clients where they feel open enough so that they can work through the confusing ways that our brains perceive things like our bodies, weight, food, exercise, self-care & so much more.

Therapists are great & I have a bunch that I work with and refer my clients to when I think that they could benefit from it.

But I’m super clear on my scope of practice, and how I can help my clients.

I teach my clients tools that they can use to become the versions of themselves that they can imagine and dream of, but don’t know how to get there.

Want to handle stress better? I got you.
Want to stop overeating? I’ve been there. I’ve got tons of different tools depending on what type of over-eater you are.
Want to just be healthier so that you can get off (or lower) your meds? No problem.

Even if you feel like you’ve tried everything out there, these tools can work. I’ve seen it with myself & my clients.

But I can’t do it for you.

I wish I could, but I can’t.

You need to show up for yourself.

If you have questions about whether coaching is right for you, I’m happy to talk with you about it. And be clear that I have NO interest in selling coaching to someone who doesn’t want to be coached. It doesn’t serve either of us.

Send me a private message to take the first step towards learning the tools that can help you become the version of yourself that you KNOW you can be.


“I was telling my husband that, I’ve been to therapy for depression & dieting & stuff, and coaching with you has been the most helpful. I even told my brother about it - he has a lot of anxiety too. It’s helped me get everything back into a manageable place.

You’ve given me actual tools besides just my therapist asking me, ‘now how does that make you feel?’ It's like "I don’t know. It makes me feel depressed. That’s what I’m here for."

But on a day to day basis, you’ve given me actual tools to think about. I can go back to my notes to review.

And it’s exactly what you said it was going to be in the beginning where ‘therapy is for the past and coaching is for the future. And it has been exactly that."

- Dina
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth1 week ago
This is 52.

This year I have become more compassionate, more understanding, more tolerant, patient and accepting. I have become more loving, less judgmental, and kind towards myself and others. This year I’ve gotten more curious, less know-it-all, and I have fewer opinions.

This year I’ve walked the walk when it comes to my health - and I no longer feel like an imposter. The balance that I’ve developed with my health habits and fun works for me.

This year I’ve felt lots of emotions. Both positive and negative. Anxiety, excitement, disappointment, happiness, sadness, joy, worry, contentment, grief, and enjoyment.

This year I’ve entered menopause, I’ve learned how (for myself and how to teach) to stop using food and alcohol to cope with stress, I’ve stopped caring about other people’s opinions about me and what I do, and learned how to have my own back.

This year I’ve grown my business exponentially, stopped listening to the self-doubt, self-loathing, and stopped questioning whether I did the right thing long after the decision was made. I’ve become more confident, and stepped into the version of myself that I wanted to create.

This year I’ve developed really tight relationships with people that I love. Like, REALLY LOVE.

This year I’ve grown into a woman that I think the 20 year old version of me would be so incredibly stoked to become.

I wouldn’t change this year for the world.


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