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Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth2 hours ago
The energy with which we do something has a HUGE implication on how we do it, and what results we get.

When we decide that we want to lose weight from a place of NEED - “I need to get this weight off” - it feels very urgent. It feels panicky & anxious.

Urgency, panic, and anxiety are all really stress-filled emotions.

Stress will kill weight loss in a heart-beat.

But when we approach weight loss from a different angle - one of curiosity, confidence, or acceptance and calm, not only is weight loss bound to happen, but it’s going to make the journey that much easier & enjoyable.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth1 day ago
I was just reading a book about money, and this quote hit me like a ton of bricks:

“Most people with debt are afraid to spend, invest, and enjoy life. They live in perpetual guilt around their debt. They feel bad or wrong that they have this debt. They feel that they are not allowed to live a happy life until the debt is gone.”

It hit me hard because many of us feel the EXACT same way about money and debt as we do about food and our bodies - that we aren’t allowed to eat, enjoy, or indulge in treats until we are at some random goal weight.

Its ridiculous to think that we wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy our money until we’re debt-free & it’s ridiculous that we wouldn’t be allowed to enjoy food until we were at our goal - which again, who is to say when that’s small ‘enough’?

And so we walk around in perpetual guilt & shame because we ate a cookie, cupcake, or whatever we find delicious.

I give my clients permission to eat these things daily. They’re not bad. They don’t make us bad if we eat them.

Will it take us longer to get to our goal if we cut these things out? Maybe.

But you know what else will contribute to a delay in getting to our goal?

Stressing out over what we can & can not eat. Stressing out because we want something that we’ve decided is ‘too decadent’.

Stress will kill fat loss in a heart beat.

Food is meant to be enjoyed.

You are meant to enjoy life.

Sometimes that will include a cupcake. Other times it will include a walk.

But we are allowed to eat whatever we desire without guilt or shame.

You have my permission.

But you don’t need that. You can give yourself permission - and believe it. 💕
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth2 days ago
Did you create a new year’s resolution to become healthier and/or lose weight?

Even if you didn’t, this is for you.

When you want to give up, know this: your brain is LYING to you.

I experience this myself, and I see it all the time with my clients.

There will come a day when you are going along - doing your thing - and then you’ll get some feedback that you weren’t expecting.

If you’re trying to lose weight, the scale won’t show what YOU THINK it should.
If you’re trying to save money, your bank balance won’t reflect all of the hard work that you’ve put in.
If you’re trying to improve your relationship, maybe that person isn’t responding as you’d hoped.


Your brain is going to think, “This isn’t working.” “This is too hard.” “It’s not worth it.”


Not only that, but this is the time to double down on your commitment to yourself. To your goal.

Now - it’s going to be difficult.

But if you give up now, you have no idea how close you may have been to success.

Habit change is hard. But I think things get really tough when we’re about 70% of the way through. It’s kind of like all of that detail work on a project - those loose ends - that we have to clean up.

But even if you’re just starting out, it’s super helpful to look at where you are today compared to where you WERE - versus how much further you have to go - because that’s always going to be a moving target.

Keep going. It WILL get easier.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth3 days ago
Y’all! I am so excited!

I’ve been getting ready to launch my NEW PODCAST!!


It’s both exciting & terrifying at the same time.

I’m excited because I have SO MUCH to share with y’all that doesn’t always translate well to Social posts - and helping you get off of the diet roller coaster is for sure something that is close to my heart.

So. Look for the release in Mid-February.

Right now, the episodes are 30 minutes or less & the concepts I’m sharing are things that are helping my clients through their journeys. I plan to have guests on who are subject matter experts in areas that I am not, but that contribute to healthy living, positive body image, and self-care. Things like health at every size (HAES), marriage & relationship coaches, money & finance, organization, and so much more.

ALSO, I plan on doing Q&A shows where I’ll answer your BURNING QUESTIONS. (If you have some already that you want me to answer on the show, send them along!)

In the meantime, I have a question for you: What day of the week do you prefer to listen to your podcasts? You can even say earlier in the week versus later if you don’t have a specific day.

Tell me below. 🙏
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth4 days ago
Yesterday I had a call with a new client - she’d started her first diet when she was 9!

Unfortunately, when I talk to women, this story is more common than not.

When I explained to her how I work with my clients - that I teach you how to eat for your body, that I teach you how to pay attention to the signals that your body sends you, that I teach you how to build trust with yourself so that you NEVER have to go on another diet again - I think her head exploded a little bit.


And I get it.

It’s a radical approach - self-trust.

We’ve been told for years - centuries even - that we do not know how to feed ourselves. That our innate wisdom is wrong. And that we shouldn’t eat THAT way, but rather THIS way.

And what makes it worse is that the ‘diet gurus’ can hold up studies to show that “I’m right!” - until they’re not. Right? Until another study gets published that shows something different.

Now - don’t get me wrong. I’m all for science.

But when it comes to nutrition, our bodies, and health, there’s still a lot that we don’t know.

That’s why we can’t agree that there’s one right approach for everyone - because there’s not.

And so I help my clients figure out which COMBINATION of approaches works best for them:
- meal timing - when & how often
- meal composition - what
- sleep - how much & when
- exercise - what, when & how much
- and a whole host of other lifestyle stuff

What happens is that they find the answers INSIDE versus OUTSIDE (diets) of them.

There was a time when you knew to eat when you were hungry & stop when you weren’t.

You have an inner wisdom. And its still there.

And unless you want to keep going on & off diets, lets figure it out.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth5 days ago
If there’s something that I hope we’ve learned from sheltering in place, it’s that we have a tendency to complicate things.

Nothing has to be as complicated as we make it be.

Although I workout on my roof, this right here is the equipment that I use - plus a few hand weights & kettlebells.

There was a time when I needed more equipment (when I lived in the states, I had TONS of equipment - but I don’t have the space for it now). The same thing is true for our kitchen; I had lots of appliances & gadgets - today, my most used kitchen tools are a knife, cutting board, InstantPot & stove top.

How can we simplify?

With eating healthier, it doesn’t have to be complicated either. Drink Water. Eat Vegetables. Limit your treats to 20% of your diet. Eat Just Enough.

That’s my secret. I know - it’s not sexy. But it works.

Now - where coaching comes in is answering the question for you - Why aren’t you doing it? And it’s not because there’s something wrong with you, or that you’re lazy, or that you just aren’t disciplined, or whatever other judgment that you have of yourself.

For many, it’s that we have thoughts or beliefs that we’re not even really aware of that are keeping us from doing what we want most. Once we uncover those thoughts, we can become aware of how they’re holding us back, and THEN how to protect against them.

It’s pretty powerful stuff.

No equipment needed.

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