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Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth3 days ago
We put so much pressure on ourselves to do amazing things. And maybe they’re not that extraordinary, but rather things that we used to be able to do a few years ago - when we had a little less weight, or were a little more active.

I know - we all want what we want when we want it - which was YESTERDAY. 🤣🤣

But that just leaves us arguing with reality - which just leads to frustration.

“I used to be able to do this. Why is it so hard now?”

We need to cultivate the skills and habits that we want every day. But if we haven’t been doing them in a while, we need to start small, get consistent - and eventually they add up.

We can get back to where we left off.

But it all starts with one step. Just trying to get better every day. Just doing 1% more than you did the day before.

That’s all my friends. It adds up. 😘 💕
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth5 days ago

It’s indulgent. It’s forbidden. And sinful.

And so, when we do something that’s pleasurable, there’s a voice inside our heads that says, “You shouldn’t be doing that!”

It could be eating a special piece of chocolate, or reading a book on a Saturday afternoon, or buying a beautiful handbag.

That voice that says, “you shouldn’t be doing that” totally ruins the experience.

We believe it and we feel guilty.

And then, the kick in the pants is that, we don’t even ENJOY the thing that is supposed to be providing us pleasure because we’re feeling too freakin guilty to actually enjoy it.


But we NEED to have pleasure in our lives.

When we don’t have pleasure in our lives, we turn to other things - like eating - to seek out the pleasure that we desire.

This week, the email I’m sending out to my folks is all about how to quiet that voice so that you can truly enjoy pleasurable things in your life, not feel guilty, and not turn to food as the only thing that brings you joy.

Want to read about it? Get your copy here —>
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth1 week ago
You know how when watching movies there’s what’s called a story arc & the main character has an obstacle to overcome?

That they struggle with some huge problem & they can’t seem to find a solution?

And everything just seems hopeless?

But then, they overcome their struggle.

They figure out the solution to their pain.

What if, in the story of your life, your struggle with your weight & body is your obstacle to overcome & you are just in the middle of your story arc?

Keep going. You can figure this out. I can help you.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth1 week ago
If you had asked me as recently as 5 years ago if self-loathing was a common feeling for me, I would have said no.

But then I learned what self-loathing feels like - what it’s symptoms are.

Self-loathing is that little jerk of a voice inside your head that tells you all the things that you SHOULD have done
- I should have worked out. I’m such a lazy person for not doing that. I totally had the time.
- I shouldn’t have eaten that cupcake. Or the second one. I’m just a _____(insert your fave judgement here)___.
- I shouldn’t have said that. If anyone finds out, no one will like me.
...and on it goes.

We THINK that all those negative things that we say to ourselves will ‘straighten us out’ - that we’ll do better next time because we WOULDN’T do better if we were actually compassionate with ourselves.

But the truth is that negative self-talk only makes us feel worse.

Self-loathing & negative self-talk is something that I’ve been talking a lot about with my clients lately: refusing to let it in. Breaking the brain’s habit cycle that when we do something that doesn’t align with our goals, that we get curious about why we did (or didn’t do) the thing versus accusatory.

Because when we understand WHY, and what happened, we’re in a better place to avoid that pit of self-loathing next time.

When we know better, we do better. It’s all on the path to self-loving.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth2 weeks ago
I’ve been attempting a digital detox of sorts.

It’s been glorious.

When sheltering in place started, I decided that I would just fill that time with work - serve my clients more, do more coaching, and help my clients & those who needed coaching cope with the stress and anxiety that we were all feeling at the time.

I mean, why not?

What else was there to do?

And I don’t regret a second of it.

But I haven’t been good about establishing clear boundaries around personal time and work time.

I talk about self-care, but I haven’t been fully practicing it.

Self-care is about saying yes to yourself. Its about prioritizing your future self above others. It’s not selfish or narcissistic. Its about learning what YOU need as a baseline.

Learning what you need is done through paying attention to how you feel - which activities deplete you & which activities energize you - and then doing more of that.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth4 weeks ago
One of the first habits or skills that I have my clients practice is the skill of paying attention to our body.

So often we walk around thinking about the past, or worried about the future that we often miss out on the present. Additionally, we find our body’s needs to be inconvenient.

Ever been annoyed that you had to go to the bathroom & that interrupted your work? Or thirsty & that you actually had to drink something?

We learn how to pay attention to our body through what’s called a Body Scan. It’s the practice of tuning in to how our body feels. Is it tense? Hungry? Tired? Is my stomach clenched? Is my heart beating rapidly?

What’s going on down there?!?

What this does for us is a few things:
1) It brings awareness to how emotions physically feel in our body (important for the emotional eating piece that so many of my clients want help with)
2) makes us aware of how our body ‘talks’ to us - what are the signals that our body uses to communicate it’s needs - so that we can give it what it wants & needs to be healthy. (This is also super important for us to learn how to eat to our hunger - something that we need to learn how to do if we’re going to manage our weight without food logs.)
3) it brings us into the present moment and makes us more mindful of what’s happening inside us and around us.

It’s the first step in living an intentional life.

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