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Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
The women in my family have been known to make a mug of tea, sit down on the couch, and then never drink the tea because they’ve fallen asleep! 😂

I see this mistake with a lot of my clients who complain about having poor sleep too!

I think we have judgements about going to bed earlier than a certain time that we’ve deemed ‘respectable’ - like 8:00! 🤭

But sometimes that’s what we need (obvs!)

The problem with falling asleep on the couch, or having the television on when we sleep, is that it disrupts our sleep. And then getting up, walking to the bedroom, etc. Then further interrupts restful sleep.

Instead, one of the best ways to get a good night sleep, is to create a sleep routine. When I tell this to new clients, they get all fancy - and quite honestly, it doesn’t have to be.

For me, I gather my stuff together for the next morning, make sure that the coffee pot is ready to go, do some personal grooming, and then read from bed for a bit. I’ve recently started listening to some subliminal meditations, but that’s new within the last month or so.

So, you don’t have to take a bath, or drink tea, or meditate, journal, or anything else that takes a lot of time. You just need to do the same things repetitively every night & that signals to your brain that you’re ready to go to bed.

It seems too simple.

We like complicating things.

Do you fall asleep in front of the television? Or do you like having the TV on while you sleep?
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
How do you feel about garlic?

I personally love it. I do prefer whole cloves, but I’m currently in a cooking mode where I’m using the pre-minced garlic out of a jar. I don’t love that, but I don’t have the patience and time for whole garlic right now.

Over the years I’ve used various techniques & gadgets for peeling garlic, which I think is my least favorite part (the skin sticks to your fingers & they get sticky! 😬

Do you have a garlic peeling technique that you prefer?
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
When you set an exercise goal, how detailed do you get in your plan?

The mistake that I see so many folks make is that they don’t get specific enough - and I’m not talking about the actual workout - although that’s important too, but less so.

What I’m talking about is saying “I’m going to workout at 7:30 on Friday.“

And that’s just the basics.

The next step is planning on not wanting to do it.

Seriously y’all! 😑

When Friday at 7:30 comes, you are NOT going to want to go exercise.

I know because I never want to exercise either. 🙋‍♀️


I do it anyway because I know that it helps me manage my anxiety, my body feels better, and there’s a certain amount of self esteem that goes along with doing something that you said you were going to do - even if no one was there to check up on me.

We resist planning because we don’t want to break promises to ourselves.

So, do you know what the solution to that is?

Stop blowing off those things that are important to us.

I know. It sounds easier said than done.

And it is difficult at the beginning.

But the more you do it, the more you hone that skill & you can carry the discipline over into other areas of your life.

Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
Every once in a while, I’ll remember something from a long time ago - a memory where I wasn’t doing my best - a time when I still feel a ton of shame in what went down.

Does this happen to you too?

And it’s funny - there are only a few memories that keep coming up (most from a really long time ago, when I didn’t know better).

I can’t change the past.

All I can do is forgive myself.

And I can reframe the event in such a way that it’s not as painful.

I’m not that same person anymore. I’ve grown. I’ve evolved. I’ve learned new tools. And I understand so much more about acting compassionately towards myself and those around me.

I’ve let the judgement that I had on myself go - and I’ve learned to have compassion for that younger version of me who didn’t know any better.

Whether that younger version of you was from 20 years ago, or even as recently as last week.

If we want to live free & empowered lives, we need to learn how to forgive ourselves along with forgiving others.

Forgiving doesn’t mean that we’re saying that what happened is okay. It’s simply not being willing to hold on to the negative feelings associated with that event any longer.

We’re human. That means that we make mistakes every once in a while.

Learning to forgive ourselves and let go of emotion is part of the process of self-acceptance & so important on our journey to becoming the person we know we’re capable of.

And it’s a huge part of ending emotional eating.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
Can I get a H*ll Yessss! 🙌 🙌

So, Gary & I were in Costco on Saturday & we happened upon a really short line.


And then all of a sudden, there wasn’t any movement.

And it got me to thinking. Would you rather:

- be in a really slow short line?
- be in a really really long line that has movement? Where you can see that you’re progressing?

Most of us would rather be in the long line where we’re getting that positive feedback that we’re making progress.

And when it comes to weight loss, I consistently talk to my clients about appreciating progress - no matter what.

We get frustrated when we don’t lose 5 lbs in a week or two! But slow weight loss is the most sustainable because not only is our body adapting to the new habits, but so is our thinking!

So, which line would you rather be in? Short slow line? Or long line with visible progress?
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
Since about the middle of January, my hormones have really kicked in to high gear.

I’ve started getting mild hot flashes.

Several years ago, when I started getting night sweats, I was able to eliminate them through dietary changes (and subsequently help each of my clients with this too!).

I know that alcohol triggers them, and I suspect that eating too much sugar & starch does the same thing too. However, although alcohol is pretty immediate, it seems like the continual use of sugar & starch creates a build-up that makes them worse, in general.

So, for the last week, I’ve been alcohol, sugar & wheat free.

I’ll still drink alcohol, but it’ll be limited & I know that I’ll have consequences.

But I’m super curious about the sugar & wheat.

I’m giving it at least 1 month to see if there’s any impact - and potentially 3 months.

That means 3 months without pizza. 🍕 😞

Which, if you’ve been following along, is kind of a big deal. I don’t think I go a week without eating pizza. 😕 😳

Have you managed your hormonal symptoms with food (not supplementation)? If so, how?

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