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Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
I’m a self-identified introvert.

🔹 I like people, but being in social situations too frequently drains me instead of energizing me.
🔹 When I process information, I prefer to write it out or think independently versus talking it out.
🔹 Being alone recharges my energy.

But being alone too much can lead to feeling isolated. And just because I’m an introvert doesn’t mean that I don’t get lonely.

I like being alone, but I know that being with other people is good for me. And so I force myself to go out.

Right now, with our current circumstances, there is no going out. So, even though it’s uncomfortable for me, I’ve been reaching out to my social network to feel connected and not isolated.

Even though you may identify as an introvert, and might not mind the self quarantining, it’s important to reach out before we need to.

I’ve talked to a few folks (and have felt it myself) who are starting to feel resentful, or have had the thought “why do *I* need to be the one to always reach out?!?”

Why isn’t anyone checking in on ME?!?

Let go of that thought. It’s not serving you.

It’s not allowing connection - in fact, it’s blocking it.

No one knows what you need except for you. Create connection before you *feel* the loneliness, which makes it harder to reach out.

If you struggle with loneliness, anxiety or depression, what self care might look like for you right now is calling friends to check up on them/check in with them - creating that connection that we need right now.

Really asking: how are you? No - how ARE you?

So now I ask *you* - how ARE YOU?
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
I keep seeing memes & jokes about how we're all going to be overweight when self-quarantine is over.

I don't think they're funny. 😑

There are folks who are really struggling with this & the only way that they know how to cope during this crisis is to eat.

This is just an example of the texts that I get from my clients on a regular basis. This one I just got yesterday & we've only been working together since the self-quarantine started.

If you're overeating because of quarantine, I can help you stop.

My client Amy hasn't felt hungry, and she said that losing weight during self-quarantine hasn't been difficult.

I help women create sustainable habits when it comes to eating, moving, sleeping, and managing their stress. If there was ever a time to focus on those things, that time would be now.

Because if you can lose weight during a global pandemic, regular life will be a cake-walk.

I currently have really effective and affordable programs available right now.
- create the lifestyle habits that work for you & your lifestyle
- how to manage your hormones so that you limit cravings & hunger, have solid energy & sleep, and feel good
- stop overeating or eating for reasons other than hunger

But only if you show up for yourself.

And that means raising your hand (send me a PM) to say that you want to talk about it.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
For the past two weeks, getting through my workouts has been a total slog.

🔹 I’m slow to get started
🔹 A few days I’ve ended a few minutes early (totally NOT like me!)
🔹 The quality of my workouts hasn’t been stellar (meaning that I haven’t been challenging myself - I’m choosing easy over what’s best)

BUT during these times
🔸 something is better than nothing
🔸 the purpose behind the workouts is stress management - clearing my brain & nothing more. (not caloire burning, fat loss, or muscle growth)
🔸 there will be a time again when I’m focused on getting stronger or leaner or faster. That time is just not now.

This is a time to give yourself compassion - which, let’s be clear, is not letting yourself off the hook.

I’m still exercising because its good for me & it makes me feel better. I’m still eating lots of vegetables because I like how I feel when I eat them. I’m still off sugar & flour because in the times that I’ve eaten them, not only do I feel terrible, but my hot flashes come back.

All of the health habits that I do, I do them because of how they make me feel.

One of the things I do with my clients is to help them determine their bare freakin minimums to maintain their health during times of stress.

This is one of those times that determining them ahead of time can help create some compassion for yourself.

What are your bare freakin minimums? Don’t know? I can help.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
Which one is your favorite? I think mine might be the giraffe! 😍 🦒
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
I’ve been seeing a lot of pictures of empty grocery store shelves in the recent weeks.

If I’m being honest, I over-bought a little too.

Two weeks ago, when we were told to self-quarantine, I didn’t know what that meant. Would I be able to grocery shop? Would we have to systematically go through all of our food until this quarantine was over? How long do I need to buy food for?

And so, it’s easy to judge the people who are over-buying & hoarding. They were just trying to take care of themselves and their families.

If this is happening to you - where you’re unable to find the ingredients for healthy meals for your family & therefore are defaulting to purchase take-out, I have an idea for you:
Meal Delivery Kits

They’re a great idea if you’re tired of figuring out what to feed your family each night, if the store is out of the essentials, or if you just want something different.

In the weeks before we were moving to Mexico a few years ago, I tried a few different companies & was SHOCKED at how much I liked them. It took all of the pressure off of having to figure out what to plan & prep, and introduced me to new foods & recipes that I NEVER would have tried had there been another option.

I even cooked with kumquats!

AND the other nice thing about them is that they’re portion controlled.

Have you tried Meal Delivery Kits? Which ones are your faves?

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