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Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
There are a few things that determine where you gain and lose body fat.

1) Genetics - Look at your parents (Specifically, your same sex parent). Although there are some things that you can do to influence how much body fat you store, looking at your mom/dad will give you a good idea of where your body prefers to store fat.

2) Diet - There's a lot of wiggle room with this one. The healthiness of our diet is a continuum. If you live on fast food, junk food, simple sugars & your diet consists mainly of starch (bread, pasta, tortillas, baked goods) then your body shape is going to look and feel very different than if your diet consisted of whole foods - even at the same body fat levels.

3) Stress - It's wierd. Stress doesn't have any calories. But it TOTALLY influences our body shape. Folks who don't manage their stress well, (example: keeping it all bottled in, or drinking alcohol as their only means of relaxing) will hold their body fat in their bellys even if that's not what their genetic pattern is.

4) Lifestyle - There are a whole host of other lifestyle factors that will influence how much body fat you have and where you store it. Like sleep. Again, another thing that doesn't have any calories but is a huge influence on how efficient our body is. (And will influence our decision making abilities later - like whether to exercise, or have an additional helping!)

So many times, when folks want to lose weight, they'll go on a diet, cut out an entire food group (or a few), do some crunches or hire a personal trainer.

None of that is necessary!

Now, there are some techniques that we can do to limit body fat around the waistline (I’ve done webinars on that - if you want links to them send me a message - I’m happy to send them to you)

All we really have to do if we want to lose body fat is to get back to the basics. (Click here to get the 8 Basic Habits that Healthy People Do Guide & Checklist:
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
It's amazing to me how true this is.

And it doesn't matter what we're talking about: health, fitness, productivity, decluttering, learning a new language - whatever.

We learn/change/grow seemingly slowly when we're in it, but when we look back at our progress, it's like, 'WOW! I did that. I've grown so much!'

But it's all done through small, incremental steps.

Have you done that? Chipped away at something a little at a time, and then be amazed at your progress?

Comment & tell me about it.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
I love pancakes! They're soft and pillowy, sweet & spongy - but I rarely eat them, because I feel like crap after I eat them.

Something that I work on with my online clients is how their food, exercise and sleep makes them feel, and how one (seemingly insignificant) decision can have a huge waterfall effect - influencing lots of decisions later on.

Instead of accepting a one size fits all approach, we design the proper diet and exercise for their routine and lifestyle - instead of making our lifestyle fit into a diet, we fit the diet to our life.

When you focus of how your food and habits make you feel, instead of focusing on whether or not you're adhering to some arbitrary set of rules, it's easier to stay on plan - because it's YOUR plan.

When you focus on how you feel, it's easier to say no to treats when you know that they don't make you feel good.

Like pancakes.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
We're human. We make mistakes. It's okay - it's called learning.

Okay - so that time my hair turned green from using henna that I bought over the Internet, I could have done without. But now I know.

When we don't take risks, we don't make mistakes. When we don't take risks, we don't grow or learn either.

So, if you're not making mistakes, you're playing it safe, and not growing.

This applies to everything: parenting, your career, relationships, even your lifestyle habits.

You over ate? Fine. Why? Were you not paying attention to your hunger signals? Tired from not getting good sleep last night? Let yourself get too hungry?

Figure it out, and learn from your mistakes. Then, next time, if it's important to you, you will do better.

Stuff like this is more than just accountability.

If you’re left scratching your head about why you’ve been unable to accomplish that thing that you desire, maybe it’s worth having a conversation? It could be a totally easy fix.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
Reward systems are a great way to motivate yourself for doing things that you're trying to get yourself to do.

Often, the challenge is not negating your good deed. So, if you want to reward yourself for sticking to your plan for the last week, I totally advise that your reward isn’t food related. If you're trying to save money, don't buy yourself a present when you get to your benchmark savings goal.

It's difficult to think up rewards that don't involve money, food or the services of your friends or family.

Can you imagine your partner saying this to you? "Hey honey, after I run, you get to give me a foot rub!" Ha!

But sometimes just the accomplishment of doing the thing you've set out is reward enough.

There are times when I can't say that I LOVE 💕 to workout. But - I DO love how I feel afterwards. And although I love pancakes, I really DO NOT love how I feel after I eat them. So I don't.

Use a reward system to get you started. Eventually you won’t need it anymore. You’ll have the feeling of accomplishment to keep you going.
Total Health by Elizabeth
Total Health by Elizabeth
In my free FB community, we’ve been talking about our future selves - the person I desire to be at some point down the line - 1 year, 2 years, 5 years, whatever.

I’ve been writing about 'Future Elizabeth' for a while now to the folks who get emails from me and it made me think about how often I think about her.

What qualities do I want to have? Where do I live? What are my values & priorities? Who do I want my friends to be? What does my day look like? How do I want to act? What have I accomplished?

This all started many years ago when Gary & I were on our honeymoon. There was a French woman on our cruise - and she may have been crazy because she spoke practically NO English, and I don't speak French. I don't know - but watching her, I immediately thought to myself, 'I want to be like her some day.'

I'm sure that I've projected qualities on to her that she didn't have. But that's okay, because that future person is now me, and who I'm growing towards being.

I used this same technique on myself when I was trying to get out of the 'after dinner sweet craving'. I just imagined Future Elizabeth, and how she couldn't care less about eating sweets after dinner! Like, she doesn’t EVEN THINK about it.

It worked!

What does the future version of you look like?

And how can you tap into her wisdom when making decisions?

Join my private community to get clear on what the future version of you looks like, and how you can step into being her today.

Join my community here:

Or drop me a note if you have questions or want to get to that place where you no longer think about treats.

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