One way to really bring to life your future self – the version of you who you want to grow into – is to visualize her. Visualize her moving throughout her day. What does she look like? What clothes does she wear? What does she eat? How does she feel in her body? How does she think about herself? There are TONS of questions to consider!

The visualization meditation below is just a start. You can use the script to create your OWN version – one that may feel more realistic. (Tip: try to use as many feeling words as you can to try to make it compelling to your subconscious brain) AND BONUS: if you record it in your voice and listen regularly, it will solidify the vision even further.

My Ideal Day Visualization Meditation

My Ideal Day Visualization Script

Download and copy the visualization script. Make changes as applicable for your lifestyle, dreams and desires. Feel free to re-record the script in your own voice to make the future version of yourself a reality that much more quickly.