I’m selling Gold Supplements

Lucy in the bluebonnetsI brought my cat & dog to the vet the other day to get their annual exams. I mean, who wouldn't want to keep a face like that healthy?

Anyway, because Lucy is aging, the vet suggested that we give her both fish oil & glucosamine. I take both of these supplements myself & figured that I could just give her what I take myself. Yeah – I thought wrong.

I am an avid label reader – it's my job & it's what I do. The vet informed me that just because the label on the supplements says that it has 500mg of whatever it says that it has in it, it really doesn't have to. He then told me about a kids vitamin that when tested, actually had lead in it. Yes – LEAD! and a brand of glucosamine that when tested, didn't have ANY glucosamine in it.

So then, what's in that pill that I take every morning? fillers? poison? He turned me on to an organization similar to Consumer Reports, except it's called Consumer Labs. It only deals with supplements.

I find it amazing what companies will do in order to make money – and the reason that they can get away with it is that supplements aren't regulated by the FDA or USDA. 

So look for information that I find through this organization. I'm sure to be reporting on it! 


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