Foundations of Your Life Health Coaching Program is a 6 month comprehensive nutritional approach designed to gently overhaul your approach to the way you view, think about, and eat food. Through this program, you will lean in to improving your health behaviors through focusing on one foundational health habit for two weeks at a time. Once you have that easy-to-do habit mastered and are ready to move on, we’ll add another simple habit.

At the end of the program, you’ll have made small, deliberate steps that will lead to massive change in the way that you think about your food and your health.

Who is Habit-Based Coaching for?

My coaching program is for folks who are looking for a better understanding of how their body works. It’s for people who are tired of fighting/hating on their body, and wishing that it was different. This is for women who wonder what the secret is of others who can eat just one cookie and not end up inhaling the rest of the package.

This program might be for you if:

  • you know that your diet needs a bit of tweaking
  • you just want to be healthy.
  • you feel like you’ve failed at every diet, and are looking for something different.
  • you’re ready to stop trying to game the system, and are ready (really ready) to give your body the nutrition that it needs.
  • you’re ready to throw away all the food rules you’ve been taught by all of those ‘experts’ that aren’t experts in your body.

Who is Habit-Based Coaching NOT for?

This program isn’t for everyone. It’s not a one-sized-fits-all approach. This program is designed to be all about you. You will discover which foods your body responds well to, and which ones it doesn’t. Through continually evaluating your hunger levels, your cravings, how you’re sleeping, your mood and your responsiveness to stress, we can tailor a diet that is custom to your likes/dislikes and lifestyle.

This program is not for folks who:

  • need to wait until ‘the right time’ to start  a program (hint: there’s NEVER going to be a right time!)
  • are in a rush to lose weight
  • have a weight-loss goal to be a certain weight within a short time-frame
  • if you have food rules that you just can’t give up
  • are looking for a meal plan
  • aren’t willing to face why you eat the way that you do
  • just want someone to tell you what to eat

For Success in this Program:

It doesn’t matter where you are in your health journey – just starting out, or a life-long dieter. I will meet you where you are at. BUT I am adamant that this not be ‘Just another diet that I’ve failed.’ If you don’t think that you can be successful in losing weight (or if, deep down you really don’t want to) I DO NOT want you to do this program.

  • Fully commit yourself for 6 months. There will be NO pausing the program. Vacations, family illness, job change, whatever. This is life, and this program will teach you how to navigate your eating while you are living that life.
  • Have an open mind, and trust the process
  • Know when you need help, and …
  • … Reach out for help, when you need it!

Habit-Based Health Coaching Program Format:

We will meet for 30 min coaching calls every other week. During those calls we will discuss strategies for overcoming the seemingly constant barriers and obstacles that get in the way of us achieving our goals. At the end of each call, you will get a new habit that you’ll do on your own for the next two weeks.

In between our meetings, you’ll receive semi-daily emails that keep you focused on your habit, and reinforce the concepts behind it: why its important, and techniques you can use to make it easier.


For More Info:

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