Set Up:

  • Place a dumbbell on it’s end, on the floor.
  • Stand with your feet hip width apart with the dumbbell behind your heel line.

The Movement:

  1. With one hand, grab the shaft of the dumbbell with your wrist straight, and your thumb pointing down.
    Being bent over in this position is going to be uncomfortable.
  2. As you release the dumbbell from the floor, explosively press your hips forward, keep your arm straight.
    At the top of the movement, your hips should be forward, standing straight up. Your bicep should be next to your ear.
  3. With control, slowly lower the weight to your shoulder.
  4. Squat
  5. As you rise from the squat position, Press the weight to the ceiling.
  6. With control, slowly lower the weight to your shoulder.
  7. With control, bend over, and place the dumbbell on it’s end behind your heel line, as you were in the starting position.

Specific Cues:

  • Review the Vintage Swing exercise
  • Use a weight appropriate for the Shoulder Press exercise.
  • The Vintage Swing is an explosive upward movement. Resist the urge to do this movement slowly.
  • Do NOT close your eyes.
  • As you fatigue, you’re going to want to place the dumbbell between the arches of your feet. Resist this temptation! Its only going to cause more fatigue on your back and your arm.
  • This is not a fluid movement. There are 6 points of pause (6 positions that you will ‘hit’) – 1) the bent over starting position, 2) the top raised arm position, 3) standing with the weight shouldered position, 4) squatting position, 5) the top raised arm position (again), 6) standing with the weight shouldered position (again).
  • When the weight is above your head, your arm should be straight, and your bicep close to your ear.

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