El Nino

I found this new exercise that I really like a lot. It’s called Nino. I found it on the UWL Exercise Video Index. I like it because it is a very simple exercise in concept, however it is very intense in practice. It works the legs, core, arms & is surprisingly aerobic.

There are just a couple points of form that I want make:

  1. Your legs start out parallel to each other & just over shoulder width apart. Between each action, your legs should come back to this starting position.
  2. Keep your back straight at all times. Never round your back. It doesn’t matter how close the bar comes to the ground – just make sure that your chest is forward, shoulders are back, & back is straight.
  3. When in the down position, you want your hips, feet, knees, shoulders to all be facing perpendicular to the direction your toes were facing at the beginning of the exercise.
  4. When in the down position, your knee should not extend over the plane of your toe.

I hope you enjoy this exercise as much as I do.