Announcing the Done with Dieting Podcast!

Done with Dieting Podcast

Welcome to Done with Dieting, a podcast for the woman who wants to lose weight, but is done chasing diet after diet, feeling like a failure because they never worked out as planned, but still wants to look good in her clothes, have confidence, and feel good again.

If you want to lose weight for good, fad diets and over-the-top exercise programs don’t work. AND for women over the age of 45, years of dieting and our hormones completely change the way that our bodies respond to traditional diet techniques.

The techniques that we used as younger women don’t work for us anymore. Gone are the days of cutting back after a big weekend, or doubling down on our workout efforts.

I know what it’s like to feel frustrated and like a failure when you stand on the scale hoping and praying that it will reveal a number that you haven’t seen in a while only to be disappointed when it stays the same, or worse, goes up. I will teach you, not only how mid-life women’s bodies are different, but also deconstruct all of the unhelpful myths that we’ve been told over the years, and help you to improve your relationship with your body.

It’s time to ditch dieting for good and change your relationship with food, exercise, and your body.

And when you do, you’ll discover that weight loss – the thing that we thought we wanted most – was really just the byproduct of all the other benefits of focusing on ourselves. Weight loss becomes the cherry on top.

I’ll be releasing a new episode every Tuesday!

You can check out the first episodes here

  • Episode 1: Introduction to Done with Dieting – Who am I & why did I start a podcast about weight loss that doesn’t include dieting? Is that even possible?
  • Episode 2: Why Diets don’t Work – Dieting & controlling our weight through food manipulation and over-exercising has been around for centuries. If you grew up like I did, reading Seventeen & Cosmopolitan Magazines, we’ve been led to believe some incorrect information not only about how to manage our weight but also about our bodies. It’s time to break free from the dieting mindset.
  • Episode 3: The Foundation – So, if we don’t lose weight through dieting, is that even possible? Yes. yes, it is. One of the mistakes that I see most often when a diet doesn’t work, is that we don’t have the fundamentals of good health in place. In this episode, I outline what those are so that you can start to build a solid foundation of health.
  • Episode 4: Self-Sabotage – Oh – this is a good one. Have you ever wondered why – even though you so desperately want to lose weight – that you sabotage yourself by baking cookies, or staying up too late & sleeping in so that you miss out? Don’t miss this episode then. I offer 2 tools that will give you tons of insight so that you can fix it.

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