Whittle your Middle Masterclass

How to Balance your Hormones, Lose Weight, & Feel Amazing!

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If you've ever looked in the mirror and wondered, "Whoa! How did my body change so much? And why isn't anything working?!?" You need to sign up for this training. It's a game changer!

What you'll Learn in this Training

  • What's Going On? Why do we gain weight in our mid-section as we get older? And not only how do we make it stop, but how do we make it go away?
  • Why isn't this working? You've probably noticed that many of the things you did when you were younger aren't as effective as they used to be for dropping a few lbs. Learn new tips and techniques for your changing hormones.
  • Does that work? Maybe you're tempted to go to a spa because some friends have mentioned that they have a machine to get reduce body fat or get rid of cellulite. There are lots of treatments or techniques that sound promising. Do they really work?
  • What To Do: Practical solutions that you can do - that aren't dieting or spending hours in the gym - to immediately start seeing results!

“‘Just try harder’ isn't useful advice for so many women.

It’s a total lie that many health & fitness gurus use because they don't understand the way women's hormones work.

The problem arises when we are following the rules of the program, and not making progress - we think that there’s something wrong with us.

But there’s not. The problem is with the program!”

Your Host

Life & Weight Loss Coach
Elizabeth Sherman

Hi There! I’m Elizabeth!

I talk to dozens of women every week who are frustrated with what's going on with their bodies. They're doing all the things that they're told to do & yet they're not getting results.

It's so annoying!

I have been a habit and skills-based health coach for over 13 years, and I specialize in women's hormonal weight loss. See, as we get older, our hormones become more sensitive to things that were our way of life when we were younger.

It's only through my own journey with struggling to lose weight and maintain it, and my quest to get answers for my clients, that I've come up with the solution to getting results without making it difficult or overly complicated; without dieting, feeling deprived, or that you have to spend hours exercising.

You don't have to try harder or do more to look and feel good. You just have to do the right things to get results. 

The solutions that I will share with you in this training are the keys I've discovered that will make all the difference in your success!

Don't miss out on this life changing training!

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