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keep your cool
at the same time!

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Too often stress management is this intangible thing that requires money or time - ironically two things that we're probably short on which is why we're stressed! (mani/pedi or massage anyone?)

And the holidays are a time when our stress levels are at their highest! We typically don't get enough sleep, our diet is slightly off, and with shopping, parties, and holiday prep, we have less time than usual at this time of the year. 

It can leave us stressed out & feeling less than relaxed during our family gatherings, when what we really want, is to be at ease, enjoying the day.

What you'll Learn in this Masterclass:

  • Self-Care. How to "do it" if you're not into baths, candles, or tea - or if you don't have the budget for weekly manicures & massages.
  • Before. How to prepare yourself so that you can laugh at your sexist uncle's jokes instead of feeling your blood boil.
  • During. How to respond to stressful encounters in the moment so that you keep your cool and de-escalate a potential conflict.
  • After.  What to do to re-frame the situation so that it doesn't keep you up at night replaying what-if scenarios, wishing you had responded differently.

Stress Management doesn't have to take a ton of money or time.
Just a little preparation. I'll show you how!

modern day

stress management

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In Case We Haven't Met Yet:

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Elizabeth Sherman
Life & Weight Loss Coach

Hi There! I’m Elizabeth! 

I have been a habit and skills-based life & weight loss coach for over 13 years. During that time, I've observed with my clients which things we do that make the biggest impact on our health & goals.

We know that we can't get away from stress, but we also know that not managing our stress appropriately can cause a lot of damage including weight gain, heart disease, and feelings of anxiety

The revelations and strategies that I'll share with you in this webinar are the keys I've discovered that have allowed me to manage my stress and anxiety, and allowed me to have deeper connection with friends & family!

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