Why the Resolution Reboot?

Every year, millions of women and men from around the world decide that THIS year will be THE year to get in shape. And yet, by the time "The Big Game" rolls around in early February, most of those resolutions are either abandoned, or the motivation to do them is starting to fade.

One of the proven methods to keep us on track is to join a challenge with our friends and family members. What this does, is it helps to keep us accountable and consistent with those habits that lead to the changes we desire.

If you've made a commitment to your health this year, and are feeling like you need to reinvigorate your workout & eating routine, the Resolution Reboot is just what you need.

Invite your friends to join you & challenge each other!

What Is the Resolution Reboot?

This program started as a free LIVE challenge for folks to re-commit to their New Years Resolutions. I loved the results that it gave me and those who did it so much that I decided to keep the workouts and motivation available to anyone who might need a kick in the pants!

The Resolution Reboot was a 10 day Challenge that ran from February 5th (The Big Game) through February 14th (Valentines Day).

The Challenge:

  • Totally FREE!
  • 10 Days 
  • Ten (10) 20 Minute Workouts 
  • No Equipment Needed
  • Daily Motivating Emails & New Workouts Each Day

What Outcomes Can I Expect?

If you're struggling to stay consistent with your workouts, this challenge will leave you feeling pretty bad ass!

I mean - Come on: 10 workouts in 10 days? That's pretty freakin' amazing!

And with motivating emails, nutrition tips, and amazing but short workouts, you may even lose an inch or two if you're consistent with them - even after the challenge is over. 

What Do I Get?

A Plan

You'll get 10 workouts all about 20 minutes in length when you sign up. Each workout will be completely different - some focusing on cardio & core, while others will work your full body. Each one will have a different and interesting format.


Since you'll check in every day, you'll get accountability from both me - your coach - and anyone else you invite to do it right along side you.

with a qualified Personal Trainer, Nutritionist, and Life Coach who has worked with hundreds of women getting them results, you'll be sure to get safe, reliable, no-nonsense nutrition & health advice.



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Life & Weight Loss Coach

Elizabeth Sherman

Hi There! I’m Elizabeth! I'm a Life & Weight Loss Coach. I help folks who are struggling to get healthier implement super easy tools into their daily routine. I believe that our health shouldn't be confusing or difficult!

I've been a teacher and coach for over 20 years, with certifications in nutrition, personal training, life coaching and more.

The reason I held this challenge is a selfish one. I injured my back and hadn't been able to strength train. Ever since I turned 40, I can't take that amount of time off from strength training and pick back up where I left off without getting super sore.

So, this was my way of getting accountable to myself, and I thought it might be great to support other women.